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Addon Ped frozen after cutscene ends from menyoo trainer

  • Hello.

    I just installed the game and decided to throw in around 10 addon peds and they work without issues.
    I opened up Character Swap while having an addon ped enabled and switched it over to Michael's hash.
    I then went into Menyoo trainer and loaded a cutscene with the addon ped which works without issues.

    The issue being is after the cutscene ends up character cannot move anymore and if I try and load the game to try and get out of it i'll be stuck in an infinite loading screen until the game decides to close on it's own without an error or anything.

    How do I fix this so I don't get stuck in an infinite loading screen and my character can still move after a cutscene? Thanks.

  • @jake790

    That comes with the territory. Install mods and expect issues to catch up eventually.
    The game was never designed to be modded, the mod you are using apparently is from 2017, and was it even designed itself to be used by Menyoo. Old mods don't age well after repeated changes to the game engine after each Rockstar GTA5 Update.

    Hopefully someone can provide a solution.

    1. Try different peds
    2. Check the comments page for the mod for similar issues and solutions
    3. Contact the mod author
    4. Write your own script.
    5. Uninstall the mod if all fails

    In your case, the problem isn't clear, but the game may have gotten corrupted.

    1. Do a verify integrity
    2. If 1 doesn't work, delete your save game file and restart

    The game expects player 0, 1, or 2 on startup but may not like the last ped you installed.
    Normal peds generally save properly, streaming peds, from my experience, spawn invisible but don't crash game.

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