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Looking for experienced map creator to Fix MLO. Will Commission

  • Hello, I am looking for someone who has extensive knowledge in MLO's and their creation. I am having an issue with an MLO where its interior disappears leaving only an empty building after 15-40 min. During this time, Only LOD's start to only render around the building the MLO is replacing. This starts to affect buildings around the MLO that are not apart of it. This continues to get worse spreading to the whole map.

    With over 15 hours of experimenting and testing this map. I can confirm confidently that no other map or resource is conflicting with it. I can replicate this issue with only this map and absolutely nothing else.

    I really would like this map to be fixed and working. I even have tried to re-export YDR's, re-do ymaps and just about anything to get it going but I cant. So any help will be appreciated. If we can prove that the issue is fixed. Commission for the work can be provided.

    If you want please reach out to me at Toasted#5027 on Discord


    interesting, hmu on discord with the files and let's see if we can fix it

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