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How to add cloud

  • good evening friends,I want to know how to add cloud to sunny day by TC,the sky in my game is too monotonous。Other,I want to know how to cover the sun's rays on a cloudy day with a sky full of clouds,thanks friends

  • @13013435725 weather.xml - <CloudSettingsName>

  • @MissySnowie thanks but can you tell me more specific

  • @13013435725 In weather.xml, under each weather type (Extra Sunny, Clear, Raining...) there is a <CloudSettingsName> which determines what cloud the game will use for which weather type. You can check each weather type in game. Then let's say you want to have the Thunder Clouds spawn in Overcast weather, then you can copy paste the CloudSettingsName from Thunder to Overcast in weather.xml .

    I'm not sure with Sun Rays, it might be PostFX setting in timecycles since it's quality is determined by PostFX quality of game settings (If I remember correctly).

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