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How to delete light lods?

  • Hy,
    Im trying to delete some props from screenshot which have lights. Deleting prop is not a big deal and I have done it, but there are still lights after deleting this prop. How can I remove those light lods?
    I already found few posts and videos, but none of them worked. First problem is, codewalker does not have distant lights lod mode anymore, only have lights lod mode which does not showing boxes.

    Oh, its single player.

    alt text

  • @calvooo
    By the looks of things seems like CodeWalker automatically makes changes to 'distlodlights_' '.ymaps's when you edit the 'lodlights_' one. So, for example, if you delete a light from lodlights, that same light in distlodlights is also deleted. Just remember to save the distlodlights '.ymap' as well after you make any edits:

    Lod_lights 01

    Lod_lights 02

    Try that out & see how you get on anyway & let me know :thumbsup:

  • Oh my god, I cannot thank you enough for your help. It works, I was able to delete light lods from this prop.
    Only thing I would like to add is.. I have to edit four different lodlights_medium..ymaps, because of dlcs.

    Thanks again.

  • @calvooo
    Nice :slight_smile:, glad it worked :thumbsup:.

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