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Some specific ASI Files wont load ingame since December 22

  • Hello guys,

    since a couple of months some of my asi files (Enchanced Native Trainer, ELS, , ScriptHookV.Dot.net, MapEditor) wont work ingame.
    Im using LSPDFR with Ragepluginhook.

    Game Verson: v1.0.2845.0 Retail
    RAGE Plugin Hook: v1.104.1327.16500

    I've installed all the requierements (regarding Ms visual C++, .NET)
    My AntiVirus is deactivated.

    I have the following ASI files in my MAIN directory which wont work.
    They all have the last logfile from 10.12.2022 and arentworking since then?

    • ScripthookVDotNet.asi
    • EncahnedNativeTrainer.asi
    • ELS.asi
    • MAP Editor.dll (in Scripts Folder)

    These all have a logfile from the current day (so they are working):

    • PacklfileLimitAdjuster.asi
    • OpenIV.asi
    • SkipIntro.asi
    • HeapAdjuster.asi

    The Logfiles of the asiloader & ScripthookV dont show any probelms:

    alt text

    alt text

    Does somebody has any idea or suggestion for me? Thanks in advance :)

  • @Hengstigal

    I'm sorry, maybe my eyes are tired, but I don't see any error or failed to load message regarding SHVDN?

    So what does ScripthookVDotNet.asi not working mean exactly. You can no longer run scripts? Please be more specific.

    ScripthookVDotNet.asi doesn't break or not work. All it does is load, even if your version isn't updated.

    And for anyone reading this thread, NEVER deactivate your antivirus when installing software. When instructions or a video tells you "don't worry, the virus detection warning is a false positive, just disable your anti-virus" think twice about it. Do you know this person? Do you have 100% confidence? Could be harmless or the perfect scam to infect you.

    Back on topic, it is super unlikely your game isn't working because of your anti-virus, and if you suspect it check the logs from your AV and it will reveal what the issue is.

    My advice is to temporarily disable all non-essential asi (SkipIntro, ELS, etc) and Rage Plugin and temporarily rename all your scripts except one which is proven to be stable and problem free. If that script works, then you know your issue is somewhere else - but it definitely isn't a problem with SHVDN unless you're using version 2 from 6 years ago...in other words update SHVDN and all essential mods. Don't disable pack, heap, and OpenIV and other essentials as they are highly unlikely to cause your issue.

  • Thanks for your help!

    I assumed that SHVDN isnt working because the last Log of it is also generated on the 10th december.

    i tried starting it with every time one ASi / Script deactivated, but ELS or EnchanedNativeTrainer or the MapEdtior wont start. I also dont get newer logs for SHVDN and the mentioned ASI's.

  • @Hengstigal

    The fact that your log files are not being created is very likely due to a permission issue on your GTA 5 folder. This shouldn't happen, but it does. Try changing the permissions on the folder so you have both read and write.

    It doesn't explain why the asiloader.log was created however, unless it is also from December?

    TBH, this is very confusing, why some write logs (or can write logs) and others can't. Your dinput8.dll (Asiloader.log) definitely states the asi were loaded.

    You have to go back to basics. Temporarily disable all mods except the essential ones. Rename your Mods folder, rename your scripts folder, remove all asi files (renaming it might not work unless you change the asi extension).

    Keep your trainer and dinput8.dll and scripthookV.dll. Nothing else. And see if your trainer works. If it doesn't try Menyoo.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Some specific ASI Files wont load ingame since December 22:


    Thanks again. Ive made another discovy.

    The not Working ASI Files (and no others) are displayed in the:
    ScriptHookV.log as registered

    And also displayed in the asiloader.log
    Could this be a problem?


    If anyone has the same problem:

    I Updated my Gameconfig to the V30 (https://de.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars/download/147179)
    and now ELS and the Trainer is working again.

    Thanks anyways!!

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