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What is the file that controls race events?

  • When I try to start any of the standard race events across the map, the game goes into a screen fade in fade out loop, but the race never starts, so I need to reload in order for things go back to normal.
    It works if I rename my update folder so I know the issue is there, but I've changed just so much stuff at this point that it'll take quite a while to track it down t.t
    It would be very helpful if anyone is able to point which file specifically rules that.
    scenarios.meta, scenariotriggers.meta, events.meta are vanilla

  • @Sata i don't have an answer for your question

    but i gotta say hands down the only races i mess with in gtav is this mod.

    imo arguably one of the best if not the best video game racing due to the customizations and using gtav as a base game.

    i created races all over the place and race classes from bmx to time machines.

  • I see. I'll check that out for sure. I do have community races working, but some of the races fail too badly, drivers turn around randomly at some point in multiple of them.

    Not really a priority, thus why I didn't noticed when I messed with this, I'll very rarely want to enter those races, it just bothers me that something is not working.

  • @Sata i hear ya everything's gotta be working correct or it keeps me up all night finding out why lol.

    forgot to say make sure to install the reccommended mods like better ai drivers etc

    and if you haven't already

    also after you finish creating a new vehicle class press the insert key (or whatever key re-loads your scripts as set in your shvdn ini file).

  • @gtavjamal I've found out my initial issue comes from gameconfig.xml

    that's weird, that's the first time I get malfunction from this file, usually a bad gameconfig only gets me infinite/crash at load

    I'll keep checking to find exactly which line is the issue just because

    In the meantime, I got plenty of questions about your recommendation of street races

    Which game version are you running? I got instant crash when trying to start a race with last update car.
    I need to do the reload thing when starting a race or it will load on black screen forever, minor issue
    Every racer starts screwed somehow, my car is often flying, others are mid traffic chaos, some flipped, some looking backwards. They do get on track after a while anyway
    Checkpoint blips won't disappear, even after reloading scripts, that's only an issue on later updates? I do have a backup folder with everything working on 2372, but I like as many vanilla cars as possible, as I'm playing on a toaster so addons usually get me some annoying micro stuttering

  • @Sata That's real good you found the cause of the issue!

    Playing on a toaster is fine but I would create a bare bare bones modded game or numerous bare bones modded games purpose specific all customized to the toaster specs at least until you update your hardware sometime. I play on different computers toasters to high end rigs but always tailor the game and settings to the computer.

    Currently I'm testing old gaming laptops and running them on the lowest settings. They could run higher settings but for example I never like to exceed beyond a 1/4 of the graphics memory usage in the GTA V game settings because performance and stability are critical!! I would never add mods at the expense of those.

    i use game version 2372 except during Christmas season 2060. I never update my game versions. The only vanilla vehicles I use are the BMX and 2 or 3 others.

    Btw. The BMX with this mod is the best! Can dop all kinds of tricks, flips, spins etc. Also if you time it correct you can wall ride up any flat vertical wall, building etc.
    Both versions are good but the more realistic one is better because it conforms to the GTA V terrain instead of just flying over everything lol.

    Yeah those issues you mentioned with Streetracer never happen to me ever. Likely be due to the game version. I vaguely remember seeing a post by JohnFromGWN how he stays on 2372 but he adds all new vanilla vehicle updates etc to his 2372 game You might wanna check with him how to do it he's real clever. That should run the Streetracers mod for you so you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Yeah I,ve tried to add only the cars as addons, there is only mpsecurity and mpchristmas3 that wont work just by adding on dlclist, managed to get all of them working, except the sounds. There are some cars there that I would like to have in traffic, like Ignus and Virtue.

    Anyway, went back to 2372 and Street Races works good now, definitely sticking with stability and moddability over few vanilla vehicles.

    Bout performance, I'm getting now consistent 30fps on a 9600 GT with 4GB of DDR2, not sure if it gets any better than this, good enough for now. Re-size, reducing drawing distance from fragments file and lod distance in visualsettings.dat are my core performance tweaks.

    Manual Transmission offers a lot of stuff and even suggests a bunch of other mods, I'll take some time to check it later

  • @Sata Sounds like you want those missing vanilla cars pretty bad. Yeah i would check in with JohnFromGWN he really knows his GTAV stuff.

    For Manual Transmission don't worry about all those extra suggested mods. Imo the critical one in addition to Manual Transmission is Inverse Power. I would even rate Inverse Power over Manual Transmission and both these 2 mods I cant do without. I always like to drift and power slide and without Inverse Power (or a similar alternative mod) your car craps out when it gets that sideway action goin on.

    Good everything is stable for you and Streetracers works. Those Streetracer recommended mods are important like better AI drivers etc or it's too easy. Also when you create race classes ensure your handling for each vehicle is on point and balanced. It's a bit to setup but well worth the time and effort!

  • @gtavjamal I'm not the one to ask. More luck with someone like @ikt.

    If you're serious about racing and car sims, AC games are on sale now. I don't mean Assassin's Creed, I mean Assetto Corsa.
    You can use the AC tracks here on GTA5 and quite a few of the cars have been converted to GTA 5, but honestly at the price right now better off getting the game itself.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Naw naw I was talking about getting vanilla cars working from latest updates in 2372. If I remember correct you keep your 2372 game updated with all the latest dlc?

    Thanks yeah i'm more into street racing with traffic, nos etc. I like more danger, explosions, drifting, powersliding, ramming other cars, jumps, driving dirty rather than keeping it crispy clean on a flat safe track, never losing traction etc.

    There is an old game on XB360 called Split Second also on PC. That game is dope!! The track changes in some way every lap due to hazards, explosions, crazy opponents. Like racing in a war zone!

    PS. I hope you aint talking Steam. I HATE Steam, I removed it from all my computers long ago. I HATE that business model and refuse to support it. They aint getting a penny from me. I fk with EG only coz I got GTAV free lol. Plus I'm old school cash only don't have a bank account so online purchases are not an option for me.

  • @gtavjamal lol it's just that I need to keep those cars on disk anyway, so why not have them available? I just wasn't able to make the engine sounds work for some reason, if I put a similar car sound on <audioNameHash> in vehicles.meta it'll work, but again, I'll know something is not right and there goes another sleepless night :confounded:

    Inverse Power worked great, even on latest update, great addition. The AI drivers I had already, the helpers from street races improve their performance by lots, still I found that disabling traffic makes races more competitive, else the AI wreck themselves too hard to get back, even getting totaled. Maybe fine tuning handling would improve it, I quickly checked Vehicle Handling V and it was mostly close enough to what I'm using now, I'll get deeper into it at some point, but as you said, it takes time.

  • @JohnFromGWN really cheap indeed, I'll get it for sure!

    @gtavjamal I've played Split/Second few years ago. Fun indeed, but I got bored kinda quickly. The best time I had on the genre was definitely with Gran Turismo on PS2. Some sort of affective memory on this, used to play it with my uncles on early teenage, fine tuning the cars and mastering every corner was definitely a thing.

    Good thing that I couldn't play a bunch of stuff on the last years, so I have plenty of good old titles to try while industry goes downhill on microtransactions hell lol

  • @Sata Realistic race track games for me are too repetitive, easy and I get bored quick. Some look real real flashy and I understand the appeal but all you got to do is maintain focus that's simple. I need more randomness, intense driving in racing games to make it fun so you never know what will happen even if you do perfect laps you can easily still get wiped out at any moment so there is an element of luck involved.

    Cant help with vanilla cars as I never use them. Some look okay from the outside but the interiors are not great which kill the effect for me.

    That's good Streetracer is working for you now. To make it harder you can give your opponents faster and better handling, allow them to use nitrous but don't use it yourself, race against a ton of opponents with only a few laps to get ahead even use surface traction mods etc.

    As for the gaming industry. Real talk. I couldn't care less if the gaming industry as we know it died overnite. I have enough games to last me a lifetime and then some lol.

  • @gtavjamal said in What is the file that controls race events?:

    Naw naw I was talking about getting vanilla cars working from latest updates in 2372. If I remember correct you keep your 2372 game updated with all the latest dlc?

    Yes and no. My Steam game is always kept updated, but not my mods folder. This gives me the option to play updated vanilla or keep playing reverted modded.

    However, the new dlc isn't in my mods folder because, like you, I have zero interest in game DLC with a few exceptions such as bicycles. I do believe in lore friendly and my graphics are 100% stock, but why would any car enthusiast want to to drive an imitation Ferrari or Lambo or Porsche when they can have the real mod as an addon or replace?

  • @JohnFromGWN Nice!! The only graphics mod I use is Darker Nights to make the lights pop and the main thing the sky darker. Enabled / disabled via a key press.

    The vanilla cars are not bad, serve their purpose but pale in comparison to the HQ real life mod cars. If I wanted vanilla I would just stick to console.

    Generally my GTA V is lore friendly but occasionally I might have Homer Simpson, Beavis and Butthead etc running around lol. There was one Simpsons episode where Homer entered into our dimension.

    Btw. I only recently learned what lore friendly meant. Still unsure what MLO stands for lol

  • @gtavjamal

    Was never able to find a definition for MLO and I think more properly it's MiLO.

    Moveable Interior Loader. Not sure if the O has any particular meaning or it's just the first 2 letters of Loader. Moveable because they can be placed anywhere in the map contrary to entities that can't be moved or have absolute coordinates. Interiors is self explanatory.

    It's possible the O stands for online. The only reference I've come across is with respect to ipls (item placement).
    For example
    Note the milo suffix.

    When I meant lore friendly I was really referring to the crap that is uploaded daily. I think cartoon characters are fine but most of the garbage passing off as mods, child peds, menyoo maps, ped presets, etc, will never see the light of day in my version of LS.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ahhh that makes sense thanks and yes always strive for quality. Everyone single one of the mods I have in my game are all carefully hand picked based on a combination of quality and necessity but never at the expense of stability and performance.


    imo the most important thing is a good handling, first and foremost. Good grip levels and realistic slip angle.

    Then, I'd say a realistic torque curve and gear ratios bring you 90% of the vehicle's simulation

    I like ARS on a challenging realistic track, and always enjoy Nordschleife if just hotlapping.

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