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Solution problem drawing distance of street lights /LOD LIGHTS

  • It is a subject that I have not seen in the forum, and this happens frequently,

    This is a problem that occurs when you install mods that replace the streetlights and the colors of the lights, the lights do not change color at a distance and when they are 2 meters away they recover the installed color, this is a very annoying problem that breaks the immersion,

    Why happens:
    This problem is mainly caused by the multiplayer map overlapping the singleplayer map creating texture loading issues.

    The solution is simple, you must disable the MP map from a trainer, example:
    trainerv (Simple Trainer) is a simple trainer for gta, it can be downloaded from any mod page, (this example only works with trainerv (Simple Trainer)) ingame go to the trainer and then Teleporting>Other Teleports>Enable MP Map it we disable, if it is already disabled it must be enabled and disabled again, and it is enabled it must be disabled, enabled and disabled again, this should work in most cases, they must also make sure that the lodlights file must be installed according to the mod of corresponding streetlights to avoid errors.

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