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[VEHICLE][WIP] A330-300 Mod

  • LeaponWep here,
    I know many people are eager about the release of my A330-300. It is not an easy task for me as I have no experience in making a model for GTA V or using zmodeler. I am basically converting a plane from GTA SA and using the cargo plane as my base to convert the a330. I have already linked all of the parts together, now I just need to adjust the places of the small little square boxes (not sure of their name exactly) from the cargo plane onto the a330, adjust pivot points for moving objects and I need to make a COL. Some of this stuff is really time consuming and frustrating. Also I don't have a great game plan on how to make a COL for the a330. Other wise the a330 has taken shape.

    This page is primarily focused on bringing updates about my a330.

    I will try to post updates on this plane now that I am on summer vacation...


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Hum It is getting very good !!

  • Will you do the MRTT Version, too ?

  • @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA thanks for the help!

  • @Oskar SkylineGTRfreak told me "You don't mind making me one as well, do you? Wanted to do that because of MRTT version as well." So it seems that he will convert this a330 into the MRTT version!

  • Looking really good!

    Also, thank you for accommodating to the guidelines!

  • very good, keep goin'

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