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GTA Lemon UI assembly reference missing

  • Im running GTA version on steam.

    I've decided to spice up my mod using LemonUI. However, I encountered an error that no matter how often I reinstall script hook v and lemon UI, I always meet the same error.


    I am completely clueless, I made sure I was using the correct version of lemon UI, made sure it was in the right directory, reinstalled script hook V, and still to no avail.


    I will provide further information if needed, just ask, thank you.

  • @Crispy7262 said in GTA Lemon UI assembly reference missing:

    You posted quite a few interesting items here.

    1. Let's start with version on Steam? Did you mean Steam EMU or Steam from Valve? Please note that cracked or pirated games aren't supported here.

    2. Don't know what "spice up my mod" means but if your game is currently modded then why would you reinstall scripthookv twice or more? Each time doesn't get better, actually it reinstalls exactly the same way unless you have a faulty computer. You install software once, rarely twice, and definitely not over and over and expect a different outcome. Agreed?

    3. LemonUI depends on SHVDN, not directly on SH5

    4. From your screenshot, which I'm guessing is incomplete, you should be using versions 3 of both SHVDN and LemonUI as the 2 versions are no longer supported.

    5. The error message states you are missing an assembly. This would indicate you're new to scripting? Yes?

    6. You have an uncompiled Main.cs in what is, from the other files in the screenshot, an unknown folder. Scripts ideally should be compiled, although definitely optional, but certainly not in the root folder. Scripts should be in the scripts folder. ScriptHookVDotNet2.xml should be in root folder. LemonUI files should be in scripts folder. You have an improper installation either way and nothing will work.

    7. Searching the forums you would have found answers to your problems. How to install mods and how to use Lemon UI.

    For a quick and dirty tutorial, try this: Create your personal GTA 5 Trainer. You don't have to create a trainer, the tutorial will guide you on how to use LemonUI quickly.

    For a complete and comprehensive tutorial on scripting for GTA 5, including the basics of C#, relevant mod installation, LemonUI, etc read this. Hopefully don't skip sections. This was recently completed by @KimonoBoy and it is the best guide you will find on this subject.

    Nuclei - A Complete Grand Theft Auto V Mod Menu (and Wiki) by KimonoBoy

    For more information on LemonUI, its wiki.

    For Modding Basics, try this site.

  • Thank you for your response. Yes I am new and was using an older tutorial as I couldn’t find any other resources. I will make sure to do what you said and use the resources provided

  • @Crispy7262

    An older tutorial wouldn't be much different. Your game isn't setup properly and if your game is indeed pirated (based on your version and given reverting takes some experience) there is no guarantee it can support today's mods.

    Mods go in a mods folder.
    Scripts go in a scripts folder. LemonUI files go in the scripts folder.
    Essential files including sh5, the scripthookv dot net files, and asi files go in the root folder.

    Here is a good tutorial to start:


  • Thank you so much, this tutorial helped greatly and I have managed to make the menu work. Also, I just found a text file named "version" in the GTA directory, and have assumed that it provided the version of the game, hope that clarifies any confusion with the game version. Anyways, thank you once again.

  • @Crispy7262

    You can identify the correct game version by looking at the properties of GTA5.exe. Glad you're fixing your problems.

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