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  • Hello everyone
    Recently my gta5 game start crashing, seem like after this new March 2023 update. The reason I don’t under stand is why it was crashing because I play on steam and I’m still on a January 2023 update. I didn’t let my game update from that copy of gta5 because it was stable enough for me. But now recently my game act like it’s going to load which I only play story mode once I get to the screen to choose if I want to play online or story mode I click story mode and it goes to load then 5-10 seconds later it crashes back to my desktop I don’t get any error codes it just simply closes my game each time I delete the game from steam then reinstall the game and still does the same thing I don’t have any mods in the game it’s a fresh install and I still can’t get pass that part…… IF anyone has experience that please share or have any ideas what I can try that will be very helpful. Thank you

  • @LTG01 said in GTA 5 GAME CRASHING HELP:

    I don’t have any mods in the game it’s a fresh install

    Since you don't have any mods installed


    You can uninstall and reinstall 1,000 times and outcome will be exactly the same.

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