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help with sql files

  • im having trouble importing a sql file for a gang script in my esx server. TBH im a total noob at doin all this coding stuff. I really need a step by step help on how to exactly install everything for a gang script. any help would be greatly appreciated. cause this bs is drivin me for almost a week straight now lol fr tho

  • @southgamingtv

    This is an SP community so you will have better luck on RP forums. With respect to the sql, your question is Server 101 and if you use a search engine like Google you'll find a million tutorials on MySQL. If you don't know the basics, and sql statements are basic, strongly suggest you end your suffering by taking a 20 minute tutorial. You're also confusing coding, for example lua scripts, with sql which are instructions generally used one time to install your script.

    For GTA5 RP issues in general, for those with a database, check out any ESX or even qbcore server threads.

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