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Fatal Error 0xffffffff (4294967295) (Unknown Error Code)

  • Hello,

    So I had a crash today, after a minute or two, the game froze for a second and then it exited to the desktop. After I found the launcher.log file, i looked it through and found the error code as shown in the headline. I also had a crash yesterday, after like an half hour or an hour. It occured randomly and the same thing happened stated above. The thing is, before it started crashing, i edited the vehicles.meta file, in which i added a few flags to the fbi and fbi2 so they can't deform visually, have an increased ramming force, shunt vehicles out of the way, bulletproof glass, and that they are fireproof (FLAG_IS_TANK). Could it really be the troublemaker that is causing this crash?

  • Oh, my God, I'm a novice, too, and I don't understand the problems.

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