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Looking for a C# 5MODS Tutor --- $

  • Hello everyone, I would like to learn how to script some GTA V Mods...
    I do not have much I can pay for a Tutor...

    I don't know if you guys are into the Crypto Business but I can send $5USD worth of DOGE per month (which is about 70DOGE) and I will not only be able to pay you but it also might go up in value...

    A little history of me, I began learning BYOND game programming at the age of 15... I since have gotten better at BYOND although I am afraid the language will eventually die...

    I have tried to learn Python, Java, C++, and I have also practiced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript...

    I understand how coding basically works, I do not know everything about coding...
    If I had to rate my understanding of coding it would be:

    BYOND: 70%
    HTML: 90%
    CSS: 80%
    Java: 15%
    JavaScript: 40%
    C++: 2%
    C#: 3%
    Python: 10%

    These are all of the languages I have attempted to learn, and it is never to land the perfect dream job, it is always for things I enjoy doing and seeing.

    That being said, I feel like I will not get to where I want to be as a coder unless I find help...

    I am looking for a C# Tutor to Guide me through GTA V Modding Tutorials and Q&A.
    I can make some low level graphics in PhotoShop... Maybe a Logo, I can write well, but I don't really know how I can pay you in this community...

    I only really have a budget of $5-$10 a month which is nothing...
    If you would like to help I can reward your help through PayPal or DOGE.

    Thank You...

  • This has to be a joke.

  • @x902xXipher

    You don't need a tutor, you need a good tutorial.
    Unless you aspire to be a professional C# programmer, this comprehensive tutorial is all you need.


    Of course you also need to setup your system for modding


  • @-EcLiPsE-
    Too complicated for even an AI bot.

    Even if it is a joke, or sophisticated spam, it merits an answer as this topic is more relevant than 90% of the requests here and 100% realistic.

    I've provided a link to the only complete and comprehensive tutorial I've ever encountered by @KimonoBoy.
    Unfortunately much too late for me, but definitely a terrific resource for absolute beginners.

    I've also provided my own beginner guides which are hopefully easy to follow and are accurate because they are tested and factual and reflect 2023's modding environment.

  • Thanks @JohnFromGWN , I know this sounded ridicoulous, I just really wanted to make sure I succeed.
    I will look at your Tutorials after work...
    And yeah, I was a little juiced up when I asked, as for the DOGE Payment, it was the only thing of Value I had to offer for payment...

    Lol, I hope this doesn't go down as a dumbie question of the year.

  • @x902xXipher actually it's one of the most realistic requests on these forums. Relevant and feasible and not begging for freebies or please convert every 3D model ever made to GTA5 and a script that makes the NPCs sentient.

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