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3 reasons why your game is broken.

  • After 2 years of modding and troubleshooting I've come to the irrefutable conclusion that there are 3 reasons that summarize every single cause for a game crash, infinite load, texture loss, or FPS drop.

    1. You or R* made a change. This could be a game patch, the installation of an addon, a replace, script dll or asi, meta or xml file edits or tweaks, OIV installation, hardware or Windows software updates, and anything else. Any change, particularly the most recent one, can break the delicate equilibrium between vanilla and modded games, regardless of whether the change was done as per the instructions. Correctly or incorrectly implemented, changing the game or its environment opens the door for problems. Making changes one at a time, step by step, is the best advice. Keep track of your changes in a log file, particularly those last changes, even the apparently innocuous ones.

    2. Your game was never going to run GTA5 modded in the first place. You didn't install all the essential files, or you didn't install them properly, or you don't have the proper hardware and software, or all of the above. Proper modded game setup, on hardware exceeding recommended vanilla requirements, is an absolute must to ensure a solid modding foundation.

    3. You're pushing the game beyond its limits and/ or beyond the limits of your hardware. Installing 100s of mods and scripts and tools and visual mods even on the most powerful hardware, even tweaking gameconfig.xml and installing all the pool managers and resource adjusting mods, will in no way enable you to abuse the game. At some point it will scream, Enuf!

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