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LS Life Mod Problem - Strange . . .

  • Hi, I have a strange problem with the LS life mod. I can buy but can't sell. I buy 50 oz of product for example, but then when i try sell it says i don't have enough of the product. It won't give me any grams no matter how much i spend. Then when a Ped try's to buy something, regardless of whether it's 1oz or 5g, it tells me i can't.

    I have removed and then installed again twice now but no luck.

    Has anyone experienced this? I've not installed any new scripts etc since it last worked properly. Only cars and an engine sound.

    I did install the 100% save game, could that effect it?

    Many thanks in advance

  • @Woz4l Any ideas or help would be great, many thanks guys

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