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Small Script to Exit to Main Menu or Reload Single Player

  • Hello GTA V Community... I am at the moment Studying GTA V Scripting and it is fun, I believe this Request is easy, but I don't think I know enough to do it...

    I Play on a Game Mode Online/Offline Mod which is GTA: Online but scripted to work Offline...

    I have mentioned the bug to the Mod Owner and I'm sure they''ll fix it, but I want a way to fix it myself while waiting for his fix.

    Basically, when I run certain Missions it will load the Mission but then it won't give me any of the Mission Details and I'll be stuck in a Mission that never fixes itself.

    Because Online/Offline uses the Single Player Mode as a Simulated Online Mode there is no way to Logout and Relog.

    I was hoping I could find a small Script that puts me in the Splash Page of the Game so I can Logout when it Glitches...

    If this already exists or is easier than dirt to make, please let me know : )

  • @x902xXipher

    Why don't you contact the author and tell him his mod is buggy asF?

    If your game is frozen, if you can't get to the pause menu or the interaction menu, then I don't see how a script will fix that.

    If there was a mod to get you out of an infinite loop, or stop a crash, or unfreeze your game it would have over a million downloads.

    Ctrl Esc, Alt F4, Alt tab, or worse case hold the power button down until your PC reboots.

    You can also Ctrl Alt Del and sign out of Windows and then sign back in. Or task manager and kill the process.

    FiveM has console commands to stop resources, don't know if SP does or not - but if you're glitched the rules may not apply and you're likely SOL.

    I only use my own scripts and despite hundreds of testing have never had a script crash or hang the game.

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