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OpenIV installation has been cancelled.

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    Log.txt File

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • yes I am also looking for a solution.. I think that someone who has all the software files should be able to repack them and share them with us.. I looked for this on the internet but I still haven't found anything. this is necessary to be able to install Open4 without going through the servers. Because I think that's the problem

  • i got the same problem

  • this.! here are the Open4 files for those interested.
    Good game


  • @2tekno3 Thank!! Its working!

  • To anyone following this thread, don't download OpenIV from any site other than the official OpenIV for safety reasons.

    They likely had issues with their server, hopefully just temporary.

  • a friend of mine repacked the Open4 files and gave them to me. So I posted here. No virus is present inside because I got them from a reliable source

  • @2tekno3
    Don't take this personally, but you've been here for a few hours? We really don't know each other right?
    I'm not calling you out, not at all. I'm just saying don't download files from non official sites, particularly executables.

    Keep in mind that a friend's files could unknowingly be infected.

    Sure even the official sites could be hacked...but they are definitely the safest route.

  • I checked this program now and didn't find anything suspicious. I attach screenshots of the check. I used ESET Online Scanner and Dr. web cureit antiviruses. Download the file anyway at your own risk, because it's not clear why the new user just uploaded the file, but I'm also a new user and I can say that I spent time on the site without registration before this problem. https://dropmefiles.com/WVfGi but SHV for new version i dont find :(

  • This post is deleted!

  • listen, i wanted to help by donating the files for everyone to enjoy. If that doesn't suit you, don't worry, I won't be offended. I'm a new user to the site because I modded GTA a long time ago and wanted to get back into it today.And when I wanted to reinstall Open4, I realized that the site was down, so I was able to find another site to download it, and when I wanted to install the software, it didn't work. This is also why I joined this site to find answers to my problem. So I asked a friend with whom I have been modelling the games for a long time if he did not by chance have the complete Open4 files and he gave them to me. I trust him completely so I downloaded and the installation went well. I'm 35, and I've spent a lot of time in my life modding games. Moving from Oblivion to Skyrim. Gta 4, 5, san andreas. Elden Ring, Project Zomboid etc. I love modding and I like the idea of ​​sharing that characterizes this passion. I have often been helped in the modding community and I don't see why today I would create problems for people... In short, do as you wish.

    PS: Sorry for my poor English, I'm French. Peace

  • @2tekno3
    What you do, what you do with your friends is your own business.
    I never accused anyone.
    Just saying that in general you download your files from the official sites.
    This issue with SH5 and OpenIV is a temporary issue, so ppl should stop panicking.
    If they both disappear forever, then we will put in Plan B - sharing files.
    Keep in mind that most ppl will have their modding journey end at the next update if AB is gone - because they don't know how to revert.

    As for malware in mods?
    We saw it here once, on the forums, with someone pretending to be Alexander Blade.
    We saw it again with Quant and QuantV.
    Hell, this goes back to the beginning of modding.

  • @2tekno3 Thanks for the files, it was really the only way to install it, you are a hero

  • This post is deleted!

  • sorry, I can't tell you why. The only thing I can tell you is that my files work perfectly. Indeed I don't have the small download either, I think this download is related to the servers of the Open4 site. Usually you also have a small video when you open the software for the first time. There it is not there, surely for that reason that the download is not there either. I remind you that this is only a repack of the complete Open4 files, not the original download.

  • This post is deleted!


    @2tekno3 said in OpenIV installation has been cancelled.:

    a friend of mine repacked the Open4 files and gave them to me. So I posted here. No virus is present inside because I got them from a reliable source

    The link he posted is the same we put in the pinned messages on our discord in modding support. It came from the OpenIV community. Our linking it on our server hasn't been disputed by the OpenIV team -- primarily because they're absent, really. Which is the problem, of course: nobody's home.

    There's a war going in the Ukraine, where Alexander Blade is from. The OpenIV tool (the team has Russian roots) is located on the same server as OpenIV is. Both are down. We don't know what's going on exactly. We reasoned that these are exigent circumstances, and that a link to this not-officially endorsed, offline OpenIV installer, was warranted for the time being. When we know more, you guys will be updated.

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