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new update?

  • hi after exiting my game after testing my newest added cars i got a message about the game being out of date and resume the update which i did and was a very small im sure was less than 1mb now it crashes on load up i have tried replacing the gameconfig as i always do.... if anyone knows of anything to try to get it to load please help..

  • will have to wait for new scripthook load screen has a new version number 2824

  • @Xmodz said in new update?:

    hi after exiting my game after testing my newest added cars i got a message about the game being out of date and resume the update

    What version of GTA 5 are you using? There is definitely no update on Steam and 2845 is the latest version, not 2824.
    On Steam versions, you get an Update button, you never get a message about the game being out of date.

  • i cant even download the scriphook .. site not working or something

  • @Forrestrat Probably just temporary, but why are you looking for an update that doesn't exist? At least not on my Steam version.

  • nah bro ... i look for scriphook and openvi ... none of them working

  • @JohnFromGWN btw is there a way to install mods without openvi and scripthook ?

  • i was on 2845 before this "update" 2824 was a previous version, i use rockstar launcher and have never seen the message before..

    i have a backup on an ssd so gonna copy files over and see if it says it again

  • @Forrestrat
    I mean you can install them but nothing happens without the combination of scripthook5 and dinput8.dll.

    OpenIV is an editor, where you can modify and edit game files. It is a standalone software and does not require SH5. However, it is also a loader for addons such as vehicles and peds - anything with the name dlc.rpf. That's the file called OpenIV.asi and it needs the combo of SH5 and dinput8.dll. Just as a note, OpenIV includes dinput8.dll, the same one as in the SH5 package.

    Dinput8.dll is a modifed version of the Windows file. It is also called the "asi loader" and it loads all asi files including OpenIV.asi, heap, pack, certain scripts, and your trainer(s). It works with Scripthook5. These 2 files allow you to expand the functionality and resources of the game engine and game assets.

    Yes you can run scripts and certain mods without OpenIV but not your addons. You need OpenIV the editor to install entries for you addon folders (dlclist.xml) and you need OpenIV the asi to load the addons. Codewalker (RPF explorer) is another editor but it doesn't load addons.

    SH5 itself doesn't do much other than being an enabler. That's where SHVDN comes in, to allow dot net programmers (mostly C#, but also vb dot net etc) to write scripts.

    In passing many games are modified using a scripthook (not scripthook5) and their versions of dinput8.dll. When a game loads it looks for dinput8.dll (DirectX) in the game folder first. If not it looks in the System32 folder. This approach is consequently used in many different games that allow it.

    More information at Modding 101

  • Yeah, I confirm there was some update today on non-steam non-epic games pc version. And unfortunatelly the scripthook site is also down. "Thank you" rockstar for keeping us "updated" :confused:

  • @Forrestrat Well basically OpenIV.asi is to load mods folder. Without it, game can't read the folder.

    It is possible to backup original files and replace them with the modded ones or even mod them using CodeWalker if you are desperately need to play/mod :sweat_smile:

    I would upload the OpenIV but like @JohnFromGWN said I believe it wouldn't be allowed. Also if your game version got updated, it's not possible to make scripts/trainers work without new Scripthook. Perhaps .exe type trainers can still work though...

    or you can just take a break for a while and watch The Mandalorian :icecream: This is the Way. and May the force be with you young Padawan :vulcan:

    alt text

  • @MissySnowie

    I read that Alexander Blade took off his helmet, so he is now an apostate of the Los Santos Creed.

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