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Downloaded Vehicle Pack Modifications

  • So I recently downloaded RiME557's (https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/RiME557) Paleto Bay Sheriffs Pack as it is one of the Best Lore Friendly packs on 5Mods, how ever I would like to make some personal modifications and make separate mini packs out of it for my own use. (Specific pack id like to modify https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/paleto-bay-sheriff-office-pack-add-on)

    • How would I go about renaming each pack and get them to properly show in game (3 Identical packs to work in game at the same time with different spawn codes)

    • How would I go about renaming each vehicle per "mini pack" to say 'Police'/'Sheriff'/'State Trooper' and then the actual vehicle name within Simple Trainer?

    • How would I go about removing certain vehicles per each "mini pack" to individualize the usage of each Pack (safely remove all info on certain vehicles per each pack?

    Essentially I want a Pack for each LSPD-Police/LSSO-Sheriff/SAHP-Highway Patrol to have its own spawn codes for each vehicle type even though there will be identical models with differing liveries, light colors (R-B vs B-B), and Push Bar vs wraparound push bars: LSPD-Buffalo vs LSSO-Buffalo vs SAHP-Buffalo

    If you have the proper Experience to help me out could you reach out to BlakeKevin-Developer#7702 on discord?

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