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Gta v crash Randomly

  • Gta v crash Randomly how to fix this issue, or how to find crash report or log

  • @Ju526738 Simple dawg. Fk the logs. Back it up to where the game was running all good. Revert newest changes, uninstall recent mods etc.

    Only once all is stable add new mods etc 1 by 1 testing each thoroughly.

    Alternatively if you made no changes for a long time and the game just crashed then I got no idea I never have crashes with any of my GTA V games with any computer. One of the experts might know.

  • @gtavjamal

    This what a really random crash looks like in rl.

  • @gtavjamal please tell what is the virtual memory size in 4GB ram, please mention minimum and maximum size

  • @JohnFromGWN Looks like a deleted scene from Fast & Furious lol.

    @Ju526738 Sorry dawg i aint no computer guy cant answer that but hopefully one of the expert will chime in.

    If it helps what I do is taylor the GTA V game to the computer im using. For example in the GTA V graphics setting menu I never exceed over 1/4 the video memory. Always fullscreen tho. I could run my GTA V's higher but never want to stress the hardware. Stability and performance are paramount.

    The video memory usage in these pics there is no way in hell I would ever go that high, Im no expert but common sense tells me that's asking for trouble. Computer fans probably buzzing like crazy lol.

    All my computers are hand me downs but the lowest spec one has like 16 gb ram, some old school graphics card etc. Not often but the only time I can play GTA V with maxed out settings is on my brothers computer with like the latest graphics card, all the bells and whistles, all that good stuff, very high specs that can run any home software effortlessly.

  • @gtavjamal this is not my mod problem, because i am move my mod folder gta v directory, but the happen is also, I think is my virtual memory problem, can you help me fix this issue?

  • @Ju526738 I would if I could help but I have no clue. There are many experts here that will probably know the fix.

    I assume you on Win 10? Try this

    Hit it from all angles. Maybe also look at what background services you are running and turn off any unnecessary ones.

    When it comes to hardware I know too many people push their computers beyond what they should. Just because the computer can run at 100% effort don't mean it's good for it.

  • @gtavjamal said in Gta v crash Randomly:

    @Ju526738 I would if I could help but I have no clue. There are many experts here that will probably know the fix.

    If there are experts here, they might know how to fix a crash, but they definitely aren't posting any solutions or even suggestions. Nothing new here.

    @gtavjamal you say you don't have a clue, but you offered help, that's all any of us can do.

    @Ju526738 did you look at the links that were sent?

    Remote fixing of PCs is like throwing darts and hoping to hit the bullseye while wearing a blindfold. Not easy and requires lots of luck.
    My point is you haven't provided enough information to help, so I'll make some very general suggestions.

    1. It isn't clear whether your problem is mod related or not. You wrote that you moved your mods folder but that's incomplete. The only sure way to disable your mods is to rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak (or move it, don't delete it because SH5 and OpenIV are down).

    If you left essential modding files in your root folder or scripts folder, then your game is still modded.
    If you did replaces or any edits or any changes directly to your game files, then your game is still modded.

    1. You keep talking about Virtual Memory and that scares me. There are 3 kinds of memory that can affect GTA 5.
      System RAM (RAM). The recommended is 8GB. But that's for a regular game, this is not the recommended amount for modding.
      Video RAM (VRAM). This is the memory on your graphics card (GPU). The more the better but at least 4GB.
      Virtual Memory. This is the pagefile approach, often incorrectly called VRAM - which it isn't. If you're asking about virtual RAM then I'm going to assume you're on a very old PC or an old laptop with integrated graphics rather than a dedicated GPU (card).

    If you don't have sufficient RAM and VRAM, using virtual memory is your last resource. You might improve the performance of the game but unlikely.
    As for Virtual Memory maximum, Windows will suggest values, and depending on your version there are options for gaming performance.
    You will need to Google for more information as this is beyond GTA 5 modding and you will need to experiment.
    Having said that, running a modded GTA 5 game without the proper hardware is not going to be a fun experience - particularly if your game crashes without mods.

    Log files, and your case it would be the event viewer, are rarely useful. They can be cryptic and often tell you where the issue is but not exactly what it is and definitely not how to fix it.

  • @JohnFromGWN I think it's safe to say you are definitely one of the experts.

  • @gtavjamal
    Thanks bro. That means a lot to be appreciated. I'm tired of people treating me like an object.
    I've got skillz. I've got talent. Don't hate me cuz I'm super hot looking.
    And you thought I looked like the South Park guy? Ha! Think again bro.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN It's real good to see someone like you with experience, skills and knowledge willing to help others less fortunate. Thanks dawg.

    We all are gamers guy versions on here haha. Anyone who claims not yeah right. Potential catfish city. Guilty until proven innocent. I wont even claim to not be a gamer guy version.

  • @gtavjamal Well I have to be perfectly honest with you. That was me when I was on a diet. Since then I've reverted back to my evil ways. Right now I must tip the scales at about 700 lbs or 315Kgs, give or take a few grams.

    I don't mind being like this, but I've broken quite a few chairs and hell they can be expensive.

    Anyway, I'm still fit as hell. My fingers are in great shape. Thumbs too. I have several sets of diapers so I can play through the night, and a piss bottle.

    If Megan Fox is on these forums, and I'm sure she is ....., want you to know Megan babe, I'm available, just DM me.

    I'll mod her bod with lod, that i swear to god, just give me the nod.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hahaha

    Gotta lay off that maple syrup. I totally understand I can easily drink it by the bottle!

    Pro tip: In the middle of the night while sleeping never use a semi full piss bottle (formerly an apple juice bottle) and never place it beside a freshly opened identical apple juice bottle. Never. [Shiver].

    Megan Fox...hell yeah.

    .Hold up. Not that you would admit it but are you really Megan Fox incognito and self promoting?

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