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More Trees In Sandy Shores Beta v1.0.5

  • More Trees In Sandy Shores Beta v1.0.5 is in the works. What does this mod do? Well, this mod adds more trees in the Sandy Shores, Mount Chillad, and Blaine County area. this topic will include sneak peeks of the current progress of newer versions of the mod.

  • @trainguy_gaming Dope! More trees the better but no pink trees. Pink trees only suit Rockford Hills and Mirror Park.

  • @gtavjamal
    You have to admit Rockstar really dropped the ball here. Imagine forgetting to put evergreen trees for the Sandy Shares. Oh, wait isn't Sandy Shores a desert? Do deserts have trees? What about the Ocean? Shouldn't it be filled with water trees? Another great change. lol

  • @JohnFromGWN Fosho dawg Rockstar dropped many balls lol. Starting with the GTA V storyline and 3 main characters. Trevor gets a pass I guess but still far from ideal. Looks like shit with the balding. I looooove modded GTA V but I aint no Rockstar dickrider.

    The name Sandy Shores is misleading. Sounds like a luxury oasis type place instead of the shithole desert wasteland it is. A better name would have been something like Flush (as in flush the toilet) or Dunt (just because it sounds so trash lol).

    Some of the best mods that make the most visual difference to the game are tree mods. My Sandy Shores is like a forested town. Trees make it look pretty and way more up market and due to the location and the sandy beaches qualify it to suit the name. Overall waaay better than the default.

    Water trees haha yeah sure. In my game I don't fk with the ocean, kinda boring. Boats are boring unless we are talking a fully loaded aircraft carrier. For me just land and air. Cars, bikes planes etc.

  • @gtavjamal I was thinking like the bayou in Lousiana.

    Anyway, this reminds me of an expression that's common in business. A solution looking for a problem.

    Bored? Gee, let's take the desert in San Andreas and populate it with trees.

    Sorry for my sarcasm, but mods are definitely dead except for vehicle conversions (thanks to Forza, Assetto, etc). And unless SH and OpenIV come back online, modding the game itself will be dead for many as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN No problem at all I have thousands of trees added to select areas and my game never crashes and performs fine even on my older low spec computers.

    The only setting default Sandy Shores is good for is a warzone. I still have a bit of desert remaining, the part in between Grapeseed and Sandy Shores but generally I hate the desert. Anakin agrees with me lol

    SHV updates or lack of are not an issue for those who revert.

    Whaaaat?? Modding is great! There are so many dope existing mods and of those can be privately tweaked to our personal preferences. Like playing with Lego.

    Then we have G.O.A.T modders like SkylineGTRFreak who are still publishing guaranteed 5 star mods. That guy is truly next level.

  • @gtavjamal I'm talking about all the crap Menyoo "Maps" and all the uber_crap MP Female stuff.

    Also the "better" and "prettier" mod where the author takes the texture in photoshop and blurs it to make it look more attractive.

    I could do that too. This would be my "After" photo of the MP Female after I made her prettier.

    Of course she would look a little bit different in the actual game, but that's ok. It's allowed.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Touche. Yes and when you ask many of those authors about the peds used in their pics or at least where to get them or get similar ones made etc they totally ignore you. Classic lol.

  • @gtavjamal

    You can get exactly that look but you have to subscribe to my patreon for $5 a month and I'll give you the Menyoo preset.
    If you prescribe to my $100 monthly I'll give you a copy of scripthook v and OpenIV - neither of which are available ever again.
    And for $150 monthly (U.S. dollars) I'll autograph any mod for you.

  • @JohnFromGWN DONE!! Haha.

  • @gtavjamal
    Thanks I got your bitcoin transfer and the coupons for a quarter pounder with cheese and large fries. I would have preferred cash, but that's ok. As promised here is your preset for the model above.

    You have to agree to my terms and conditions and you better not leak this. Don't want to see this uploaded on some .ru site.

    Enjoy bro! And don't get too excited, she's not real, she's definitely gorgeous, but not real.

    		<HeadFeatures WasInArray="false">

  • @JohnFromGWN Muchas gracias mi amigo!! :)

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