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The End of Modding is here?

  • With both sites down, the two most important sites for modding our GTA5 and a few other games, is this the end of modding?
    Has the Russian government extended its internet ban to the extent of banning gaming sites?
    Is it over folks?

    Nah. The sites will be back up. They probably share the same infrastructure and I'm guessing the war is to blame.

    My point here is just a reminder for everyone to backup their GTA5.exe before the next update because one day it's possible, for whatever reasons, that SH5 will no longer be updated.

    If that happens, don't bother asking friends for their copy of SH5 because none of the versions out there will work. Your life will effectively be over.

  • Does keeping the game not updated even work? I keep the last working backup files but I cannot open the game other than via their launcher and it doesnt give me any other option than to update. Launching it offline also doesnt work and I see that No Laucher mod is outdated too. And I just got back to playing modded GTAV after 2 years, God dang it...

  • @don_pedro AFAIK, all versions of GTA5 except retail physical copies can be reverted.

    This is 100% verified for Steam and my understanding is the same for Epic.

    If Steam cracked down on revert heretics like myself, those who refuse to update or play GTAO, then the solution would be Steam emulators.

    If you don't have the Steam version you can buy it cheap or wait for it to get discounted to $1 like Half Life 2 or L4D2, both being better than most games you would buy at $80.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you, this expains a lot. Unfortunatelly I got the retail version :/ First for PS3, then this retail copy for PC, guess its time to pay RS the third time for the same game but Im not sure if this will work since I won`t have any working backup files for the steam version :/

  • @don_pedro You backup the files immediately after installation on Steam and that's it.

    If you want an older version you can find one Steam (no files exchanged here) although it can be a PITA.

  • @JohnFromGWN I wish Alexander the Great would fix his site's download problem first or just move to a new hosting. It's a super pain for newbies to download SH5...

    I wish he would just update his SH5 in here too with direct download link. or just make the damn thing open source already lol :rofl: :rofl:

    Russians banning the gaming? Nah, unlikely. My expectation from them is to nuking the Moon. Oh how wonderful that would be, but a big waste of giant cheese planet :sob: I wonder how it tastes like :thinking: Elony Mushy wants all the food for himself, how primitive selfishness that is....

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks, seems the Steam version is a lot less a pain in the a** than the retail version :)

  • @don_pedro

    The Steam version is great for modding and reverting. Honestly, though it pisses me off that I need both a Steam account and a R* account to play a game. And it should be our choice whether we want to update or not. They own the game, we have a license to play it, but they act like bullies.

  • @MissySnowie
    Maybe it's a conspiracy between AB, the OpenIV team, and Quant.
    They will now require everyone to subscribe to a Patreon account at $5 month or no longer play GTA 5 modded.
    SH5 and OpenIV both have code that will cause them to stop working on March 31st at 12AM Moscow time unless payment is made. If you notice smoke coming out of your PC on Friday turn it off immediately.

  • @JohnFromGWN They aim to use Starlink to fry our cables (I won't be sad for my headset's cable though as it always stuck in the most ridicilous places, Nikola Tesla come and save us pwease :cry: :( ) and Neuro Link to fry our synapses.

    But I'm good with both, as long as animals thrive I am all good for AI ending. Ugh it sucks I can't find that video now, well basically AI reaches it's own concience and expands by turning every planet to AI :yum: :cake:

  • @MissySnowie it won't be AI.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN There is something very calming about seeing a bunch of terminators mid action wiping out the humans haha. The endoskeleton is one of the most bad ass designs and I love how something intended to kill humans is modelled off the human form haha!! Still hoping for an advanced alien invasion only this time they take necessary precautions and not die off from our germs.

    Btw. Would love a legit GTA V tripod script with HQ models!!

  • @gtavjamal

    All kidding aside, both openiv.com and dev-c.com have domains that expire in a few months. I find this kind of strange, that neither one is renewed longer than that. Again, I'm just curious because it is kinda odd that both these essential sites went down exactly the same day and are both still down.

    OpenIV is definitely in Russia. All indications are that it is hosted there. Not clear for SH. Servers seem to be in Florida but could be just a privacy type of service. Other Russian modding sites are up and operating so the probability of government ban seems small.

    If it is war related, infrastructure related, the links between the hosts for both sites is definitely not obvious.

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out since neither is open source and the learning curve would be pretty steep I'm guessing for both to be replaced, not to mention the time required...all without pay.

    Obviously files will be exchanged but it will be a nightmare for noobs to figure it out, particularly after the next update if SH5 is not available.

    Anyway, I'm still thinking this is just a hiccup, that it's temporary, and that both sites will be back up and running by the end of the week or early next week.

  • @JohnFromGWN I got a better one. The Great Great Great Alexander setup an automated virus that if a FOAB hits nearby close enough the virus makes sure to cripple the modding once and for all.

  • @MissySnowie You have to admit it's really odd that both these sites, and there is definitely a connection between AB and OpenIV team, go down at the same time.

    Imagine if Putin is torturing them now because GTA 5 is a capitalist propaganda game that should be banned? Hell, they took a young girl away from her family and wanted to jail her dad for 2 years because they criticized the heroic Russian military.

    Edit: also AB is sort of active on the gtaforums. He has his thread there and his last post was in December 2022 (No, I'm not his stalker). Not a single peep from him on the current situation.

  • @JohnFromGWN It's definitely not normal lol :D

    GTA, I don't know, but they have every right to ban Call of Duty :sweat_smile: damn game shows Russians like .. I mean there are a lot more worse compared to Russians out there :rofl: I wanna bang bang them instead some Cold War Russkies... (and saving the fluffy cows too of course, despite how CoD claimed no cows were harmed.....)

    Oh, I had seen OpenIV team at gtaforums but never knew AB was active there as well. Should take a look but seems like the guy is long gone :D

    I pretty much moved away from gta anyway, was playing RDR2 for the last month but ugh, my baby Snowball :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: Damn game has the worst ending. and after like riding the entire country for days after days, game is expecting you to choose go help John after that scene while my head is boiling with anger to go back butcher Micah in most sadistic ways, like the Dixie the Raider Doo from Nuka-World. but that damn stupid tuberclosis ugghhhh...... So bad game, very bad game. Now my only hope is Sadie and Johny for that dishonored snitch!

    alt text

  • @MissySnowie Awesome Open World....RDR2

  • @JohnFromGWN Terrible and horrible story

  • @JohnFromGWN Tomorrow is April Fools. Might have something to do with that?

  • @AmazyCrazy

    Only if Putin has a sense of humour.

  • Not that long ago, I wrote this post in jest, as a sort of a joke, but now I'm starting to wonder if it was prophetic.

    I feel like an idiot, investing so many hours in this game - modding it, scripting it, preaching the benefits of reverting as the saving grace - and now I can't even estimate how many mods are broken. How many more will be broken in the future? So I'm done.

    Wishing everyone the best.



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