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Karin S95?

  • Hey guys, it’s been a while since the enhanced version of GTA V released for the PS5 - And with that, there came the lore-friendly version of the Toyota GT86 - The Karin S95 as a exclusive.

    I just wonder why nobody released it as PC mod yet - Or is it possible to unlock it for Menyoo? If not, please can anyone do that, i love that car so much and i think a lot of other people on this platform think that! :)

  • seconding this! as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist in the archives on PC, so it can't be spawned in SP with a trainer (I've tried). I was super happy they added the Celica GT4 look-alike (Calico), but I actually have a BRZ, so it'd be awesome to at least drive it around in SP and see how it compares to the real thing. I'm not very familiar with PS5 or Xbox Series filesystems, but I have to imagine if the .rpfs can be accessed, it could be extracted and uploaded as an add-on for PC. Hoping someone's able to!

  • i tried, downloaded the ps5 rom, but could nt got into the rom files

  • @DontCare OPENIV for a while only supports 7th gen consoles and PS4(8th gen) and PC archives. So there is no support for 9th gen consoles in openiv yet. I too need that DAMN Car as I'm running myself a Real Life GT86 Mod by @TGIJ but unfortunately despite having 1000s of tuning parts it doesn't have any template or any livery support that I can use to add liveries in. The main issue is livery i.e. why I too needed an S95 that is only probably exclusive to PS5 & XBXS counterparts only and also there is no lore-friendly/vanilla version of that car seen yet.

  • @DontCare maybe there are no cracked or jailbroken versions revealed yet since it's an online game and might be no support for single-player in current-gen consoles.

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