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[WON'T DO] See Who Downloads

  • I am aware that this would be difficult for the mods that have thousands, even tens of thousands of downloads, but it'd be nice of the content creator(s) were able to see which user IDs had downloaded a file?

    Also is there any way to distinguish number of unique downloads and number of downloads that are just the same users downloading updates?

  • @player2 The number of downloads on a mod is generally unique, unless someone went out of there way to fudge with the numbers. Only one download is counted per user, so if they keep coming back and downloading over and over again, the subsequent ones aren't counted.

    As for your request about seeing which users downloaded, sorry but that probably won't happen. Users who want to be known will leave a rating and comment.

  • @rappo oh I see, that's nice to know. I was thinking they were just a total of downloads.
    I wasn't really expecting the whole "see the users" thing, I just thought it'd be nice to ask

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