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[SOLVED] Car Addons / Game Crashes

  • Hi Guys,

    i took a breakt from V for about 4-5 month and came back to setup all from the beginning again.

    1st the Infos:
    I'm on latest R* Warehouse version (1.0.877.1). ScripthookV, ScripthookVDotNet and Gameconfig (Add-On Crash Fix) for 1.0.877.1.

    Additional Mods & Scripts:
    LeFix Speedometer
    Bennys Lowrider Mod
    Animated Wipers

    Allo of the described above are installed in the latest available versions.

    No Graphic or Weather Mod installed for now.

    I already have 8 addon dlcs as vehicles sucessfully installed but many of the others i try to install doesn't work because the game crashes while loading up into story mode, anyone of you have a hint what i could look for or what to do, cause this really sucks

    BTW what is the limit for DLC's ?



    With THIS Gameconfig, all problems are gone for now YAY

  • wish i could help here, i just made a topic for this the other day. I'm having the same problem. Was working fine, added a new car and now keeps crashing on start up for game memory error... I've reloaded GTA 4 times today so far as in a whole new copy lol soon as i get the error, even if i delete what i did, will continue to do it so i'm at a loss too... i tried that exact add on you mentioned and it's not working either. Apparently the game config i have, is good for up to 900 models

  • same here i havent played in months did a fresh install with latest updates and most car mods crash game while in loading screen its very fustrating

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