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How to delete Car logo from Zmodeler?

  • As seen in the picture, how can I remove these logos from the program, both on the front and the back, or from anywhere else?
    Or how can I add an object on top of it and cover it?

    alt text

  • @OgZn61 I cant see no picture but assuming it's just a regular car type car brand logo. Simple. I don't know how the ZM3 experts do it but I just either remove it manually with ZM3 by deleting it, zooming in can often help so you do it clean not deleting other parts of the car accidentally. Or sometimes you can isolate the entire texture and press delete. Usually a combination of both. Real quick to do. Takes longer to load up ZM3 than to delete lol. To cover it by adding an object just attach the object to that piece but would never suggest a cover up job better to do it as clean as you can.

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