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Mods... to check if they are recommended

  • so i'm going to keep it simple, i have the mods i need, i just want to make sure that there aren't some totally not recommended ones, about compatibility... thank you :

    About "Traffic Plus Lore Friendly", i have near 300 cars for use with it, but i never found any review on it, it's the base of my modding !!

    "Remastered Enhanced" - OKay ?

    "Forests of San Andreas U" - nothing bad with that one !?

    "SP Interiors" - will be compatible will all that stuff ??

    "World of Variety" - that is something big, is there well known good/better alternatives ?

    How is working : "ZolikaPatch HQReflections Unlimit Modkits Crash fixes & more" ??? What is it !!!



    Full list :
    Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles
    Heap Adjuster
    Packfile Limit Adjuster
    Siren Setting Limit Adjuster
    Weapon Limits Adjuster

    ZolikaPatch HQReflections Unl Modkits Crash fixes & more

    what's that

    Traffic Plus Lore Friendly

    Menyoo (git)
    ScriptHookV DotNet

    Forests of San Andreas

    World of Variety

    Remastered Enhanced

    SP Interiors

    Satellite Map 16K

    No Motion Blur
    No Chromaber no Lensdist

    No Explosion on Crash

    No Glowing Pickups

    IV CarJacking

    Watch Dogs Vehicle Looting + Better Loot Items

  • @Klemc said in Mods... to check if they are recommended:

    i just want to make sure that there aren't some totally not recommended ones

    Just try and see if your game is stable. If it is, you're good. If not, remove some until you find the problem.
    Always a good idea to add in steps so you can easily undo an installation if it crashes your game.
    Just keep in mind, the more you add, the less likely the game is to run without issues.
    You can add as many peds or vehicles as you want - it's the scripts and graphic mods and huge worlds and environments that suck up your memory.

  • I'll tell you about my specs...
    ... i wait next week to have a 7800X3D, and a 650E-E Strix, with 2x1+16go 6000-32 and GPU's 4070ti (PNY).

    If ever all i want is forest, i could skip WOV that is like an overhaul, but i don't know for Remastered Enhanced, it's a dlc file !..

    I found all conflicting scenarios, TP+ is the base, i've been told by the modder to try to keep his.
    Forests have two scenarios in conflict with Tp+, but on a total of four so should i keep Forest scenarios ?..

    And MapFixes, that i forgot to mention, this i think the first after Tp+ in priority !... i skip his TP+ conflicting scenarios and am good (it's the ones sames as WOV) :

    5/10 are in conflict :p


    I written full list, but there is prerequisites that i didn't list, nothing important anyway.

  • So my main concern is, to understand how scenarios have to be chosen preferably from a mod or another, i base my mod on Tp+, so i should keep all his scenario files ?..

  • WIKI:


    So, if i replace a senario.ymt file from a mod with another during install, it won't work as expected anymore !..

  • OKay, i'm done, VEDGA with REDUX and Traffic Plu+ with WoV, Forests, Remaster, MapFix....... two modsets, allright.

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