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How to replace main characters peds

  • I've been looking for like a week how to replace main characters peds with addon peds.
    I know there's already a topic on this, but in the topic it says that you need to go to Mods>x64v.rpf but I haven't this rpf in the mods folders.
    And even if I copy the original one to the mods folders, I don't know how to replace a main characters peds with a addon peds that has only .ytd .ydd .yft and .ymt
    Replace peds mods is useless in this case cause I wanna replace the three main characters. Replace peds only allow me to replace one characters at a time.
    Like in radal video or in Modded cutscene videos. .

  • I was thinking to do it, but found nothing interesting...


    Finally found for the 3 and made an OIV !

    Franklin Face tattoos
    New Younger Michael
    Trevor Colorful Hipster Tattoos
    Trevor face tattoos
    Trevor Hipster Youth hairs


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