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replace mods limit ?

  • Hi,

    Just had a quick question : is there a limit on how many replace mods you can have on the same car ? Actually have 1 mod to replace the blista, and a second I want also replace the blista. What will happen if I install the second ?


  • @Zx6k

    First of all you can't have the same file name in the same folder/rpf. You can however have the same file name in different folders.
    Now here's the problem and your answer.
    If you have 20 files for cars named blista, how will the game know which one you mean?
    The answer is it can't and consequently the answer to your question is the limit is one.
    The game will load only one blista and it will use the one in the most recent (date) patch or dlc folder.

    With addon cars, you can rename folders or spawn names with duplicate names to make them unique.
    With peds you can rename the files to have multiple variations, once more with unique names.
    But if you want to replace a vehicle how can you expect the game to replace blista with another model when you have multiple files with the same name. The engine doesn't spawn randomly, it spawns by precedence.

    A similar, albeit not exactly, principle exists with the Windows OS. You can't have 2 files with identical names in the same folder.

    Not to mention manual spawns.
    You: Menyoo, spawn blista for me.
    Menyoo: which one?

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Hi, ok, awesome answer well explained ! Thanks a lot

  • Hi, I'm new here and just joined. Can I ask a question here? May I know what mods this Gta game has and how to use it here? Hope someone can help me answer this question.

  • @Ali-Embry

    Hi, not the good topic but go to youtube and search how to install mods on gta 5, you'll find all the answers to your questions and even more

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