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New Six Star Army Mod Coming, Suggestions Welcomed!

  • Hey guys,
    glad to announce everyone I will soon be releasing a much needed updated version of "Six Stars Army" by Author "5mith". Released since 2016, it has brought the unique feature of a "Six Star" wanted level function, all without the need to mess with ones Vanilla dispatch file, like so many other dispatch mods tends to do, causing undo issues & overly cautious users. This friendly designed script has so much untapped potential, that I'm now looking to utilize to its max. If anyone has interesting ideas to suggest, please kindly convey it.
    See below for what to expected:

    • Improved & better aligned Six Star wanted indicator.
    • A Six Star Golden wanted icon.
    • Added better overall mod Stability & spawning times.
    • Working on enabling a Helicopter Option, to assist the ground crew military units on its hunt for player & its allies. This may include Dlc heli that have functional Rappels.
    • Navy Seals, BlackOps & Marine units will now be incorporated.
    • Fixing some of the left over bugs from original version, which included vehicle Spawns falling out of the air.
    • Working on releasing 2 separate versions, one for Vanilla stock (no Dlc requirements) & other for Hard-core Players (separate Dlc download required) tailored to mostly DLC related military models with over 20 modern military vehicles added.

  • @nj5050 I look forward to the release of your mod. As a fellow Dispatch mod creator I understand the difficulties and will definitely try out your mod when it comes out. I do have a question.

    Do you use the SET_FAKE_WANTED_LEVEL native to 6 and if so have you encountered this UI bug and how did you fix it? I appreciate any help provided.alt text

  • @briancatmaster Hey there, first off this may come as a surprise, but I'm a newbie to this modding venture, only about a month old right now. However I have a grasp understanding in general IT background, so I'm learning on the go. I'm Currently playing with & studying the VB (MS Visual Basic) scripting model, as I have found it to be quite comprehensible in its simple structure, without overwhelming me like C# or C++. although #CS is also fantastic to play with alongside this.

    Now onto the meat of the matter, currently this step was mostly already done for me, but the answer I supposed would be a yes & no, as the original author used this (or attempted) following line in the mod script:
    'GTA.Native.Function.Call(Native.Hash.SET_MAX_WANTED_LEVEL, 6)
    ' GTA.Native.Function.Call(Native.Hash.SET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL, Game.Player, 6, False)
    ' GTA.Native.Function.Call(Native.Hash.SET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL_NOW, Game.Player, False)
    ' UI.ShowSubtitle("wantedlevel = 6")

    But as you can probably tell from these line of script, the (') or Apostrophe is used, so its not activated or used within the script. However what I did find was a something like vector positioning line, using UI.DrawTexture(".\scripts........", 0, 0, 0, as point, as size), I added my values here instead .

    So I hope this helps in anyway, feel free to PM me if needed.
    P.S. Check out some of my pre-release pic's in link below!

    UPDATE AS OF 04/26/2023:

    Uploaded some Pre-release preview videos, see clips below:

  • Any updates on this mod?

  • @Midnight-Gamer Hey there, Yes Mod is about 85-90% completed.
    Presently working on adding a "Breaking News" UI animation display alert, to go with new Wezal News broadcast messaging notification. New showcase previews will be posted in a few minutes from now. Enjoy!

  • Cool!!

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