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Is QuantV 2.1.4 or any version safe now?

  • @10gigarays
    That gtainside version you linked to has file dates from 2018 & is pretty much guaranteed to be safe (depending on source of course, but gtainside should be safe).
    As for the drive wiping code, that appeared sometime in 2022 (I think Aug 2022 & onwards :thinking:), so avoid any QuantV files with dates that new.


    @a63nt-5m1th July and August 2022 versions, specially enbhelper.dll that is not needed when not using QuantV trainer

  • @ReNNie:thumbsup: @10gigarays

    Just to clarify for anyone else reading this:

    Seems for July/Aug 2022 both the:

    "enbhelper.dll and QuantV.asi contain the full disk wipe/HTTP check logic. This wasn’t found initially as compiler settings were different."

    QuantV Malware Details



    I'm guessing there will be some eagle-eyed people out there watching & checking QuantV's newer releases like a hawk for anything like this to appear again, but I'd say there are still risks downloading anything newer than July 2022. We don't know his state of mind, he may very well be willing to burn everything he has done to get at the people he feels have wronged him. We have no way to tell if he might wait a while & try something else in future, something harder to detect than running a remote rmdir command.

    He could have chosen to remotely disable QuantV, he chose instead to have the option to completely destroy all the information on a person's computer, that choice/action was brimming with hatred & highly malicious given the miriad alternative options he had. Doesn't sound like a stable or logical person to me.

    QuantV Evil


    The potential argument of using this to combat piracy doesn't fly either, especially when you don't give genuine paying patreons foreknowledge of the changes/implementation of these 'anti-piracy measures'. What if as a genuine paying user you happened to edit the Desaturate Radius= value in enbseries/enbeffect.fx.ini as a test & unbeknownst to you happen to change your given unique QuantV user ID, what happens to your PC then etc? :thinking:

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