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Social Club Failed to Initialize Error code 16 (R* Blanket banning mods?)

  • For starting note i've been playing on a downgraded copy of Gta 5 before this was accuring so this isn't related to mods causing this to happen

    Just recently Rockstar Games launcher received an update which is causing Game copys that are ether downgraded and or Modded to not initialize The Social Club effectively locking people out of playing there games

    Cause we all know that the Social club is a "Must have" requirement to have the fullest and Most worthwhile addition
    to your SINGLEPLAYER Experience

    In Blatant terms, Its not.

    And considering the sites for both ScripthookV and OpenIV are down its seems that our boys at R* or more likely Take Two have decided to take it upon themselves to kick it while its down and "update" the launcher to cause this issue to effectively Order 66 most innocents mod users / makers cause Take Two developed a personal vendetta for the moddings scene for daring to touch there ip's and make content for it not because they love the games too

    oh no lads, because in there eye's its "Stealing" and more importantly "Stealing there money"

    I hope this issue gets resolved and is most likely just a hiccup on R*'s part cause we all know how there launcher likes to s*t the bed on most occasions but given how R and its parent company have Treated the modding community for there games both past and present

    cant say i blame myself for being this skeptical and admittingly nihilistic.

  • @kanadianborn

    Well now the truth is out. Until now. Thankfully you blew the whistle, only members of the Illuminati and NATO's supreme council knew the true motives behind this latest sabotage of GTA 5.


    R* and its parent company in North Korea, Kim Jong-un Interactive, engineered the invasion of the Ukraine for the sole purpose of shutting down OpenIV and SH5.
    Putin himself, is not only ex-KGB, but also an expert in procedural game development. He was responsible for all the mountain terrain in GTA 5. He moonlights as the Technical Director for EA games in Russia as well. He's a busy guy.

    So it came at no surprise, that after taking down the two most important modding sites, that R*'s next move would be to take down GTA 5 as well.

    Because what you forgot to mention, although it is well known in the KGB circles, is that the vanilla version of the game is broken as well.

    That's right. R* not only wants to end modding but GTA 5 as well.

    As we speak, all FiveM and RP servers for GTA 5 communities are being infected by a worm.

    R* also created BS indictments for Donald Trump, also an expert C# modder who is secretly on the SHVDN team.

    Oh, one last thing - this was already posted. You might want to check next time?

    So yeah, modded games are broken but you overlooked one small fact - vanilla games are broken as well.

  • @JohnFromGWN This made me chuckle lmao

    Good think my Crazy mind powers uncovered the plot other wise the aliens would have won.

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