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Have a wonderful work problems and great god help specific as follows

  • So I put the character addit junior couldn't brush the game characters
    ![alt text]![0_1680713155416_upload-53a38cdb-6b5b-4212-a70a-db4a3dab6fb6](Uploading 100%) (image url)
    What is this file is not in the PED. RPF but I couldn't clearly how to brush in are installed according to the specification

    1. The installation instructions

    The root directory of put scripts folder in the game

    Open dlcpacks folder, put inside addonpeds folder in your game directory \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \

    Drag and drop AddonPeds Editor. Exe and AddonPedsVars. XML the two files under the root directory of the game

    Open OpenIV and enable the edit mode
    Positioning to: (update \ update RPF \ common \ data)
    Find dlclist. XML file and press the right mouse button to select edit
    In the content is added at the end of the following words:

    The < Item > dlcpacks: \ addonpeds \ < / Item >

    Modified after the completion of the preservation, remember to backup original files before modification.
    But you can't if in the MODS folder into don't always jump out of the game
    ![alt text]![0_1680713238530_upload-767158d3-e9d1-4f2f-a143-47fabc9457a7](Uploading 100%) (image url)
    Is this folder addonpeds folder does not put MODS installed according to the instructions I could jump out of figure 1 into the game but that mistake could you tell me how to half a rush for this

  • @liuyu2255565

    Posting duplicates won't get you an answer any faster.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, I think I do wrong so I stopped but I feel as if I didn't get an answer

  • @liuyu2255565 Your post is just too hard to understand.Are you translating before posting?
    I see you have issues with AddonPeds, but can't really know what exactly. Inside the download file for AddonPeds there are instructions, they are good. It is an html file that'll open in the browser.

  • @Sata Yes I think but I solved the problem with this post is my own problem I will delete it after reinstalling to solve the problem is the file is damaged, I think

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