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Have a wonderful work problems and great god help specific as follows

  • So I installed the addit junior game brush out characters, often hint what this file is not in the PED. RPF but I clearly how to brush are not to come out is installed according to the specification![alt texthttps://tieba.baidu.com/p/8343931679](image url)![0_1680713696849_upload-1a9964bc-96d8-45d4-ab38-ae7361ac50a1](Uploading 100%)

    1. The installation instructions

    The root directory of put scripts folder in the game

    Open dlcpacks folder, put inside addonpeds folder in your game directory \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \

    Drag and drop AddonPeds Editor. Exe and AddonPedsVars. XML the two files under the root directory of the game

    Open OpenIV and enable the edit mode
    Positioning to: (update \ update RPF \ common \ data)
    Find dlclist. XML file and press the right mouse button to select edit
    In the content is added at the end of the following words:

    The < Item > dlcpacks: \ addonpeds \ < / Item >

    Modified after the completion of the preservation, remember to backup original files before modification.
    But you can't

    If in the MODS folder into don't always jump out of the game

    ![alt text](image url)![0_1680713837488_upload-ac47bfff-b036-4c5e-8848-6c02aa094c7f](Uploading 100%)

    Is this folder addonpeds folder does not put MODS installed according to the instructions I could jump out of figure 1 into the game but that mistake could you tell me how to half a rush for this

  • @liuyu2255565

    Please post in your native language so we can translate with Google. I understand language is a barrier and Google does a decent job translating.

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