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Newbie here, what programs do I need to install to instal mods? guide?

  • Hi all,

    Super GTA 5 newbie here.

    Do I need to install additional programs to be able to install any mods from gta5-mods website something like OpenIV or something?

    Is there a guide somewhere on the website for Rockstar Games launcher?


  • Does anyone want to help? any admin here?

  • @MissySnowie thanks a lot for this mate!

    Following the instructions, I have downloaded Gameconfig (1.0.28..) for Limitless Vehicles V30 as per instructions https://gta5installmods.blogspot.com/2023/01/9-gameconfig.html but what do I do next? Which gameconfig.xml do I install? My game version is 1.0.2845.0

  • @brat02 You are welcome :slight_smile: There are some gameconfigs out there but each one has their differences.

    There is a free version here made by F7YO. It's a lightweight gameconfig and most compatible, but it suffers when there are too many addons installed. Also sucks he is removing older versions... Not sure what 1.0.2845.0 equals in titles, is it 1.66?

    There is also NVE gameconfig. The mod itself is a graphic mod but has an impressive gameconfig which excels at heavily modded games. It's quite nice as a graphic mod too, can download free version from https://www.razedmods.com/ .

    Speaking of graphic mods, there is a high chance you can come across a mod called QuantV . Highly suggest avoid using it's v3 as it's August version contains an intentional malware that wipes down every drive on your PC. and yes it's legit paid version also has this risk quite a lot since the fool forgot to include the Desaturation Radius value in optional installs which is the unique ID it checks to determine whether it's gonna wipe the drives or not.
    This value is not present in the optional installation files which will make the mod think it's not legit and wipe your drives. If you ever install this mod, after your first launch, do a search in your game directory to check is there a romanian.txt file present. If so, do NOT launch the game. (Damn vampires :@ )

    The look it gives to the game is fantastic and there are safe versions of it you can use but I highly advise you not to mess with it until you get a decently good modding knowledge to a point where you can install almost every mod quite easily and fix every basic issues without needing any help anymore.

    I guess that's pretty much it. Feel free to ask away if you need anything else that hasn't covered in there :blush:

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