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be a celebrity in the game???

  • i think it would be cool if someone made a mod where u were a celebrity and paparazzi followed you around the city taking pictures and get chauffeured, take private jets.

  • Damn , that's actually a good idea . Especially for people that do roleplay

  • @nbaismysport That seems a nice idea but I thing that it's sterile. It doesn't add something really new to the game. I mean, yeah, a private jet, a limo, you have bodyguards, paparazzi all around you... But what does it add to the game? We should work from this idea to making something that changes actually the gameplay and everything. This could be a nice idea ;)

  • @nbaismysport Now... while I think all of that is pretty much there already, the paparazzi idea caught my attention.


  • @Cloud_Power like the other guy said, just for people who like role playing for gta.

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