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I don't have a scripts folder in my directory.

  • In my GTA V directory I don't see a scripts folder, so I tried both leaving my scripts in the directory and then when that didn't work I just created a scripts folder but it still didn't work. So how come I don't have a scripts folder? I see in tutorials that sometimes when people download Scripthook it comes with the folder but my download didn't. How can I get my scripts to work. Other things like my trainer and character/gun skins work fine, just the scripts don't.

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike You will need ScriptHookV.NET.
    You can create a folder inside GTA V directory and name it to scripts.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    I did that and it didn't work.

  • @Hmmmm_Nice_Bike
    Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher. No need to do this step on Windows 10.
    You will also need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64).
    Download and install Community Script Hook V .NET
    Create a folder named "scripts" in your game directory.

    That's it. Your scripts should work. :)

  • @V4D3R im not sure if you read this, but do you need to install the ScripthookV files in to the scripts folder? im frustrated cause my game keeps crashing when i press F4 and it gives a notification, maybe your willing to help me via teamviewer if you want? i already had help the first time but the person who helped me doesn't response anymore :(


    Thanks for using the search function, but please don't necro-bump a 4 year old thread.

    For your question itself:
    ScriptHookV files go in the main game folder. If stuff crashes when you press F4, it's probably because your game version could be outdated or something else is wrong. Make a new thread.

    Be sure to read the pinned informational topics, they might help you along too.

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