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MEGA CAR PACK over 2600 veehicles Add-On

  • Hi guys, i found this mega pack:

    I tryed previous pack version and are very good, his gameconfig is amazing, on my pc never crashed. Now he need a little payment system , someone know how buy this pack? The external link is russian and the translator not doing good for my comprension.

    This car pack can be useful for all the guys (like me ☺) who love car and mega pack.

  • @Animale
    can you pass it to me pls

  • https://fantalks.io/r/gam_rev

    this is the new link the creator gave me, since i couldn't make the payment, it should work, but it requires a username, i just don't understand which site the username should be. The platform does not have a login

  • Would also appreciate if anyone could leak this, pitiful that the guy makes you pay now.

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