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NaturalVision Remastered unloading models at night

  • Whenever I play GTAV with the NVR mod installed, at around 20:30 all models disappear (vehicles, props, peds) and reappear at around 6. The mod is not pirated, I downloaded it from Razedmods.com.
    This issue persists on a clean install.

  • Oh and also weather like Smog and Snow bring the assets back for some reason?

  • @NikX835

    Information Gathering:

    If I was diagnosing this, I'd probably start by editing the:

    # Emissive night values
    emissive.night.start.time		20
    emissive.night.end.time			6


    // Vehicle Light Night/Day Settings
    vehicle.lights.sunrise			6.5
    vehicle.lights.sunset			20.0 

    in 'visualsettings.dat':

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\visualsettings.dat

    & see if changing any of those values changes the time everything dissappears/reappears etc.

    Obviously, the likely fix resides in the timecycle files, given that Smog & Snow etc work 100% (if that's correct?), but the above test is super quick & worth gathering info on at least.

    Likely Solution:

    Ultimately though, if indeed Smog & Snow etc work correctly (?), you'll end up in the timecycle files. You can do stuff like rename a timecycle & then replace another & see if the issue persists (Note: it's file name & the internal name within the timecycle file ('<cycle name="SMOG" regions="2">' etc) are both required to be renamed or you'll get crazy 'the matrix has crashed' stuff on screen when you switch to that weather).

    Once you're done with information gathering & hopefully guaranteed that editing the broken timecycles is likely to fix your issue (& you've made any backups you need to), your best hope is to start by taking large parts/sections etc of data from within the working 'w_smog.xml' etc file & pasting it into & over the same values within a broken timecycle file & via that method, either going section by section, or ideally using the 50/50 method below, figure out by a process of elimination what value/s are causing it.

    50/50 (Binary) Search Method:

    Using what is called a 50/50 or binary method will yield the fastest results & usually allow you to identify a culprit's general or even exact location within 6 to 10 loads of the game (for 100 > 1000 starting total values anyway. 10,000 starting values total takes ~14 loads of the game, so the more values, the better/faster this method becomes compared to other search methods :thumbsup:):

    50/50 Proof of Concept:
    Starting with a sample size of 1000 values total (for example) this method can eliminate all other values & find the one causing an issue within ~10 loads of the game:

    No. of Loads of Game        No. of Values     
             0                       1000
             1                       500
             2                       250
             3                       125
             4                       62.5 (let's call it 64)
             5                       32
             6                       16
             7                       8
             8                       4
             9                       2
             10                      1 (1 (or <1) means value is identified)

    Additional Info:

    The timecycle files contain two main sections:

    <region name="GLOBAL"> = The Countryside Areas
    <region name="URBAN"> = The Main City Area

    If using the binary search method, your starting point would be test replacing half the values within either the City &/or Countryside sections (ie not half of the entire file, just half of each section etc).

    For the actual diagnosing/testing values process, whether using the binary method or going section by section, a good way of doing it might be to replace an entire broken timecycle's Countryside area with the entire same section from Smog/Snow & then copy sections from the newly pasted Countryside section to the City section one at a time while loading the game after each change to see if it's fixed.
    That will keep everything you need within the same file & means you don't need to hop to different tabs etc to copy & paste data (will streamline the process & save a little bit of time etc). :thumbsup:

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