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[Request] Lore-Friendly Cars

  • Here's a list of cars that I think would be a great addition to GTA V if they are made lore-friendly.

    • Ferrari Daytona - Grotti
    • Ferrari Roma - Grotti
    • Ferrari Purosangue - Grotti
    • Land Rover Defender 90 (2022) - Gallivanter
    • Land Rover Discovery 5 - Gallivanter
    • BMW M4 Competition G62 - Ubermacht
    • Mercedes-Maybach S650 (2022) - Enus (Not Benefactor because the Enus Cognoscenti is based on the Maybach 62)
    • Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 (2022) - Enus

    I'll probably end up editing this as I find more cars that I end up obsessing over, feel free to use this list as inspiration if you feel like making up a new car.

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