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Dear Rockstar

  • For what it's worth, I submitted a symbolic ticket to R*.
    I invite you to do the same. Feel free to copy/paste the same text I used. (I did a typo, corrected in text below).

    alt text

    Dear Rockstar.
    I'm just one of several million GTA 5 gamers, who unlike the millions of pirates who steal GTA 5, actually paid to play the game legally. I'm also one of several million GTA 5 gamers who prefer Single Player, expanding the gameplay and environment through mods developed by a devoted and talented modding GTA community.
    Unfortunately the latest Rockstar Launcher update has broken our games, the ones using reverted versions of GTA 5 – the ones best suited for modding.
    I'm assuming you did this launcher update to ensure our games themselves are updated, but in the process you've essentially eliminated our ability to play the game with many wonderful mods such as MLOs.
    The PC version of GTA 5 dates back to 2015 yet the modding community has kept it alive and well as we wait for GTA 6. Consequently it's really a shame that you disregard and hurt this important segment of your customer base.
    Could you please reconsider your decision and allow us to play with reverted games?
    We are not cheaters nor hackers, we just want to play this game with mods in Single Player story mode, as we have for the past 8 or so years.
    Thank you.

  • @JohnFromGWN Nice letter. Real talk. Thinking from their perspective. There is nothing in there to convince them. Pleading and asking nice doesn't do jack, All about that bottom line. They wont budge unless it hurts their current and future $$$. You mentioned they disregard / hurt this client base but might want to remind them many who play GTAO also mod in SP so they are potentially fkng over a portion of their current paying client base not just the mofos who paid once long ago. Also fkng over the SP modding segment could affect a portion of future profits as many SP GTA V modders will be fkn pissed, move on to other things and skip GTA VI. Me I would use the opening line addressing it to the mofo in charge and say good job assholes! Then elaborate why.

    PS. It's kinda like peaceful protests vs riots / lynching. Peaceful protests are a joke. They only serve to sooth the minds of the upset masses and if anything do those in power a favor. In that scenario mass rioting and lynching is the only way to get legit results or at the very least make a statement and be heard lol.

  • @gtavjamal
    It would be nice to threaten them with a boycott but the community would never buy in and only reverted gamers are affected. I'm convinced that future updates will eventually end modding completely, with or without SH5 updates.

    This was symbolic and if others did the same Rockstar would have an opportunity to finally do something appreciated by their customers.

    Anyway, I'm finished with modding.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah dawg absolutely and I would bet you are right about future modding. GTA V could very well be the peak..

    Personally I don't believe in threats. Either take action or don't. Zero warning. It's like when some dudes all up in ya face and his first move is to push you away, that shows he doesn't want to get down. A legit mofo would instantly strike hard targeting vulnerable areas.

    Unfortunately leading the charge is pointless when there are no soldiers to back you up. Typical in all areas, just human nature.

    Like any big business Rockstar only care about customers to the point they translate to profits. To do something customers will appreciate has to significantly boost their $$$ directly or indirectly otherwise forget it.

    It's a shame it happened like this and it's sad to see you get screwed over. I hope you change your mind since you love modding GTA V like we all do..

    Ftr. Me personally I always got my next moves sorted so doesn't affect me at all, modding continues as usual.

  • @gtavjamal
    The problem is this. If they intend to end modding, they will eventually succeed. They tried once before by trying to shutdown OpenIV but backed down when community went apeshit. That won't happen again because community is dead.

    Why shut down modding slowly over time?

    In no particular order, unranked:

    1. Modding threatens sales of the trilogy and GTA4 because Vice City and Liberty City mods are still easily available despite takedown efforts.
    2. They prefer we spend our money on GTAO
    3. They don't want competition in SP mode between GTA V SP and GTA 6.
    4. They want all the games updated, vanilla, and sanitized, to minimize support tickets.
    5. Eliminating modding will eliminate all the cursing and hatred directed at Rockstar for breaking mods with each update. They don't want, don't need bad press in forums. End modding, end complaints, end support tickets.

    If the major gaming sites and the most important GTA 5 YouTubers, the ones with millions of views and subscribers were willing to support the community then Rockstar would be forced to listen.

    But these ppl don't give a shit except what's good for them. They are just shills who will get advanced copies of GTA6 for free if they shut up and continue to blow R*.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah totally. They can end future modding fosho but we are set for what we already have.

    Yeah as you know generally people don't like change for the worse especially sudden so got to phase things in slowly.

    All very valid points!!

    Lol they can want all they like but there aint no way I will have any interest in GTAO or GTA6 other than for modding potential.

    That's weird logic to me. Kill the complaints via the nuke option and expect a positive happy outcome. Like saying cutting off our feet so we wont get blisters therefore end result is all good. In such a scenario I would like to think most people have in them enough fighting spirit and dignity to either quit completely rather than submit to R*'s agenda. Unfortunately I wouldn't bet on it.

    Yeah those YT''rs are essentially now R* agents, typical human nature. I was reading a business book regarding a concept called 'diseconomies of scale'. It's kinda similar to that. In this case after a certain point when they make it big in terms of YT these GTA V YT'rs are no longer doing good for the hobby, instead doing bad via being the face of R* dickriders.

  • @gtavjamal said in Dear Rockstar:

    but we are set for what we already have

    Actually no, we aren't. They can have the next launcher detect dinput8.dll and SH5 and send an error message with code 16 and let you figure out why. They don't support modded games and don't need to justify what they did other than say game is incomplete or has been altered in violation of EULA.

    I was set with 2372 and every single one of my world maps and MLOs had collisions.
    Now many of my favs are broken and I ain't gonna fix em one by one, assuming LC is even fixable, just to have them break again days or weeks or months later.

  • @gtavjamal said in Dear Rockstar:

    diseconomies of scale'.

    Well, diseconomies of scale refers to increased costs but in this case I would substitute something else.
    My analogy would be that as companies like Rockstar become bigger their arrogance increases as does the number of assholes who design and implement policies to alienate their customer base.

    In a way I'm happy the next GTA6 will be uberwoke, this will make the decision not to buy it so much easier.

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh yeah totally correct if using a launcher lol.

    Years ago R* were a different set of employees I hear and were overall loved. All those ones have gone and it's totally different now. Should change the name from R* to Chocolate Starfish. I saw an interview with the guy who played CJ in GTA SA and the people he knew at R* had all long gone compared to the ones the GTA V actors knew.

    I have zero intentions of buying GTA 6. Just wait for a free version as I did with GTA V on EGS lol. I am totally happy with GTA V modding, no rush or need for GTA 6.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Dear Rockstar:

    threaten them with a boycott

    that ship has sailed lol

    GTA5 made more money than any kind of media ever, still milking 1Bi/year as far as I know

  • @Sata I meant a girlcott, not a boycott.

  • @JohnFromGWN You know as well as I do Rockstar execs speak stats and figures. Assuming the numbers are significant ideally if there was a way to get a good estimate of SP reverted modders who also play GTAO then that would potentially be something R* might pay attention to. Otherwise realistically no chance!

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