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Radio genre names and stations

  • What I mean by this is at times when listening to the radio, your character will nod to whatever song is playing.
    Although it's limited to 2 "Radio Genres" according to both "Peds.meta" and Peds.YMT"

    Here's a pic showing what radio stations the MP Male character listens to: https://imgur.com/a/HSF0X1t

    But let's say you want to change these radio station preferences, maybe you want your character to jam out to The Lowdown instead of Channel X?

    Here's a list of all radio genres and what stations these genres uses:

    "RADIO_GENRE_DANCE" - Los Santos Underground Radio, Soulwax FM, Music Locker Radio, Still Slipping Los Santos, FlyLo FM and Media Player

    "RADIO_GENRE_POP" - Non-Stop Pop FM and Motomami Los Santos

    "RADIO_GENRE_COUNTRY" - Rebel Radio

    "RADIO_GENRE_JAZZ" - Worldwide FM



    "RADIO_GENRE_PUNK" - Channel X

    "RADIO_GENRE_CLASSIC_ROCK" - Los Santos Rock Radio

    "RADIO_GENRE_LEFT_WING_TALK" - West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR)

    "RADIO_GENRE_RIGHT_WING_TALK" - Blaine County Radio

    "RADIO_GENRE_MOTOWN" - Space 103.2 and The Lowdown 91.1

    "RADIO_GENRE_MODERN_ROCK" - Vinewood Boulevard Radio, Radio Mirror Park and Kult FM

    "RADIO_GENRE_MODERN_HIPHOP" - Radio Los Santos, The Lab, Blonded Los Santos 97.8 and IFruit Radio

    "RADIO_GENRE_CLASSIC_HIPHOP" - West Coast Classics

    "RADIO_GENRE_OFF" - No radio at all

    "RADIO_GENRE_SURF" - Santos Surf (beta station, will play nothing in final game)

    I couldn't find any radio genre for Self Radio as of yet.

    I just thought it'll be cool to share this info for those who want to alter what stations you want your characters to like!
    If this is the wrong chat section, my bad!

  • @-EcLiPsE- Wait what?? And I thought Trevor legit liked Channel X lol. Nah thats awesome dawg good info thanks.

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