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How to enable all tuning parts in LSC?

  • Hi, iam working on a new mod and i was wondering why are some parts of my modkit not visible in los santos custom shop.
    Ive added VMT_SUSPENSION items in carcols.meta (update.rpf), but its not displayed.
    The same with roof and rear bumper parts. All other parts are working. I can also set the missing parts with menyoo, but not in lsc.

    Maybe i miss something in other meta files or why does some parts not display??

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    Assuming that you are referring to LSC (Los Santos Customs), which is a vehicle modification shop in the Grand Theft Auto V video game, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You can enable all tuning parts in LSC by completing certain requirements and progressing through the game. Online Form here are some general steps you can take to unlock all tuning parts in LSC:

    Progress through the game: As you progress through the game, you will unlock more tuning parts for your vehicles. Complete missions, earn money, and buy new cars to unlock new customization options.

    Win races: Winning races can also unlock new tuning parts. Keep racing and improving your skills to unlock more options.

    Complete the game: Completing the game will unlock all tuning parts for all vehicles. However, this is a time-consuming task, and it may not be feasible for everyone.

    Use mods: If you're playing the PC version of the game, you can use mods to unlock all tuning parts. However, be aware that using mods can potentially compromise the stability of the game and your computer.

    There could be several reasons why some parts of your modkit are not visible in Los Santos Custom shop in GTA V. Here are a few things you can check:

    Verify the file paths: Make sure that the file paths in your modkit are correct and match the ones in the game files. Any mistake in the file path can cause the parts not to display in LSC.

    Check the file formats: Ensure that the files you have included in your modkit are in the correct format and are compatible with the game. For example, if you have included a 3D model, make sure it's in the right format, such as .yft, .ydr, and .ytd.

    Check the carcols.meta file: Check the carcols.meta file again and ensure that the entries you have added for the missing parts are correct. Make sure that you have used the right material names, and the IDs are unique.

    Check other meta files: Some parts may require entries in other meta files such as carvariations.meta and handling.meta. Check if your modkit requires entries in these files and add them if necessary.

    Check for conflicts: Ensure that your modkit doesn't conflict with any other mods that you have installed. If you have multiple mods installed that affect the same parts, it can cause conflicts and prevent your mod from displaying correctly.

    Check the game version: Ensure that your modkit is compatible with the game version you are using. If you are using an outdated game version, some parts of your modkit may not display correctly.

    Test in a fresh game: If none of the above solutions work, try testing your modkit in a fresh installation of the game. This can help you identify if the issue is with your modkit or with your game files.

  • Thanks for answer. I checked all points that you listed, but its not working. At the end it isnt a big problem, because i can setup the missing parts with Menyoo.

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