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Camera moving automatically in gta 5

  • Hello, I really need your help, a few weeks ago an update on gta 5 was released and so I installed my mods and started the mod installation cycle again as usual but now after having installed several mods, my camera only moves from left to right and I really don't know how to fix this, I show you a video to give you an overview of my situation : https://streamable.com/2t4qcv

  • @Maxiro260

    Temporarily disable all your mods and see if this problem persists in the vanilla unmodded game.

    If you already checked, then it's pretty much guaranteed a mod, or conflicting mods, are screwing with the camera or the mouse movement. This would likely be related to camera scripts or possibly something impacting input devices.

    I've personally never seen this reported.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I renamed the mods folder to "mod" and scripts folder to "script" to disable the mods temporarily and i can see that its because of the 2 folders. I restarted the game but with scripts folder enabled this time and i see that its making it again. So its coming from scripts folder. So i am gonna disable 1 by 1 the scripts i text to you when i got news.

  • Ok its definitely coming from OnlineInteriors. If you guys want to know how to test what mod make crash your game, just press "Inser" key and it will reload all scripts ! Thanks for your help @JohnFromGWN i think without you i couldn't even fix this.

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