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Code 16 Error RGSC & Proven Solution. UPDATE

  • There are tons of BS solutions and clickbait on YouTube and misinformation on these forums.

    Yes, you can play modded today without a code 16, you just need to update your game. However not all mods will still work.
    Yes, you can play reverted, but the fixes here are just temporary until R* re-authenticates.
    Yes, you can play reverted by also tricking the SocialClub launcher. I posted about this earlier. It's hit or miss, mostly miss.

    So Code 16 can be solved. It is solved by updating and unfortunately fixing the issues it caused. Thanks again Rockstar for making our lives miserable.

    May 6, 2023 Update

    The Solution and only proven solution for Reverted Games:
    Issuer Check Bypass Against SocialClub

    Read last post in this thread for more context if interested.

  • @JohnFromGWN No one can find a solution for this unless they bypass Social Club's own verification, which will not be allowed to share in here.

    There is no fix for legit versions, the only fix they can "find" would only work as good as this;

    alt text

  • @MissySnowie

    What is really a shame is that crackers have cracked the exe, both for GTA 5 and the Social Club, but none of these tools are available to the general population. I'm not going to pirate a copy of GTA 5 but if I had the tools to crack my own legal version, I wouldn't hesitate to do it. Provided I tested the tools on another computer to ensure (as much as possible) if they were malware free.

  • Ppl need to realize that just pulling out the ethernet cable or reinstalling an old version of the RGSC launcher will NEVER fix this issue. I knew the first wouldn't work and tried myself to debunk the BS.

    I was hoping the second might work, and tested it also. Afterwards, I did feel foolish, but hey, at least I can objectively say it didn't work and with very good reason.

    It's not that simple. If it were, it would have been solved in 2015. Now, 8 years later, there are no published solutions to bypassing the launcher. Only cracks and pirated versions can do this and I'm not going there myself. Will just play with what I have and use FiveM for the broken SP ones.

  • @JohnFromGWN There is no shame in considering and trying out provided options. The real shame is on people who just looks at the first link in a simple search, then copy pastes it in everywhere they know.

    Having no knowledge, having no single idea about the root of the problem. I can create a poll in here asking which one is causing the error 16 and I shit you not more than 80% would pick Rockstar Launcher.

    The ones I told you in DM are safe, well, as safe as they can be. But if you ask me, I'm sure there are lots of backdoors in the windows itself you using and 98% of other programs too...

  • @MissySnowie
    If you spent hours, and I mean hours, going through the Rockstar dlls, a programmer could likely find a way to bypass the process and have code to falsely reassure Rockstar that it's all good.

    Crackers are mostly just morons who use kiddie tools to remove DRM. This allows them to play offline but at the cost of not being able to go online.

    The best process would be one which fools Rockstar verification rather than fruitlessly trying to block it.

    You're right about backdoors. Windows 10 Pro allows you to disable forced updates by changing windows policies. This was done to satisfy corporate users but was exploited by users like myself.

    Windows 10 Home is a different story. It allowed you only to delay updates. Now here's where the difference lies. The GTA5 experts expect payment. They aren't, for the most part, community minded. They offer premium services on patreon. Most have moved to FiveM and use services like tebex to protect their mods.

    The windows community is 1000s of times larger and more community spirited. As a result, solutions to forced MS updates were quickly put in place.

    I'm confident that the OpenIV team or Alexander Blade or someone with similar programming experience and skillsets could solve this problem, but again nobody has since 2015, at least not without a robust solution.

  • @MissySnowie said in Code 16 Update:

    I shit you not more than 80% would pick Rockstar Launcher.

    What I find troubling is that based on timestamps, none of my files were updated.
    In desperation, I restored all the game files from backup, even the x64.
    Problem still persists.
    My only issue is that a few days ago I had collisions.
    Today, with same files in place, I fall through the map.
    How has that changed.
    Before swapping exes, build clearly showed 2845.
    After swapping, clearly shows 2372.
    Should I conclude swapping actually failed?
    Apparently you can see the game version in game from online menu, but my firewall blocks online.
    Sort of silly, game is blocked online, but verification can't.

  • @JohnFromGWN You should be able to see the version while the game is loading. But it only shows up at the legal screen. So you need to temporarily remove skip legals mod.

  • @JohnFromGWN but to be honest with you, I just installed a Nintendo emulator and playing Mario games lol :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: It's million times more fun than gta :rofl: Oh oh, and I saw my cutie little fluffy dino Yoshi there too :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :see_no_evil: 🦕🦖 to hell with gta and rockstar and aaallll of their updates :sweat_smile:

    and don't worry about the exe files too much, like I said, I'm quite sure there are many backdoors in many programs that are installed in your pc anyway. At least this way the people who actually helped me to play the game I want without forced to update gets to see my photos :rofl: :joy: which I don't care anyway :D

    and if they try to build an advertisement catalog for me, I welcome them to try. Not even google or instagram managed to do that for me for years :rofl:

    alt text

    damn witches

  • @MissySnowie said in Code 16 Update:

    There is no fix for legit versions

    That's the part I don't get. They've clearly put some effort on it, someone worked some hours so a new check is in place. It doesn't affect anyone cracking the game. It doesn't affect people cheating in GTAO. It only affects people playing legit copies of the game while offline. Why don't they use this money to pay someone to clear all the duplicate shit within the game installation,? So they could maybe save a few GB of bandwidth every time any of their 120 million+ users get the game from their servers. See I'm not asking for new stuff. No one was asking anything really, just not to be bothered.

  • @MissySnowie said in Code 16 Update:

    So you need to temporarily remove skip legals mod.

    I don't install any script mods.
    I can see 2372, or 2845, the full build including the 1.6X number at the legal screen.
    What I was referring to is did 2372 actually load?
    If it did why are the collisions not working.

    All files are reverted to 1 week ago. No Rockstar patches or updates.

    So what process is now removing the collisions?.... da fuq?

  • @Sata From their perspective, it doesn't make them lose any money.

    You can cheat in online, can keep teleporting everywhere, or use infinite off the radar glitch. You won't be banned.
    You can grief others with godmode oppressor mk2 and infinite missiles. You won't be banned either.
    But give yourself some $$$$ or do some money rain, or simply sell apartments in a glitched way without any sort of modding or cheating involved, best case you get account reset, worst case you get permanent ban.

    But wasn't it 1 week ban first, then 1 month ban and only after that it's permanent ban? Nope, not if you play being a bank...

    The second part is, if it involves any kind of fun and smiles with no single harm to anyone else, it still gets removed. The old gate jumping glitch, the infinite peyote glitch or simply keeping Xmas clothes.

    If something bad doesn't have any involvement to these 2 subjects, they are irrelevant in their eyes ..

    @JohnFromGWN The skip legals is actually an asi so that's why I thought. but I mean if it shows 2372 in the loading screen, I can't see any reason it actually loads 2845 :thinking: :thinking:

    The only thingy comes to my mind is, if you suspend the game from resource monitor, can the files be swapped :thinking: probably would crash though but maybe if the process hangs at the very beginning of the loading.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Code 16 Update:

    What I was referring to is did 2372 actually load?

    Check ScriptHookV.log maybe?

    It'll be there like this:

    // GTA V SCRIPT HOOK (build Mar  2 2023, v1.0.2845.0)
    //     (C) Alexander Blade 2015-2023
    [10:37:46] INIT: Started
    [10:37:46] INIT: Success, game version is VER_1_0_2845_0

    Still if you're seeing the version on load I see no reason a different one would be loaded.

  • @MissySnowie Maybe the main issue is really the maps @JohnFromGWN is having trouble. I can see how GTA6 map would be ported to GTA5 in days.

  • @Sata
    Unfortunately in a fit of rage I deleted all my batch files and don't have the heart to start from scratch. But your suggestion unfortunately won't work because the loading of SH5 occurs before the Code 16

    // GTA V SCRIPT HOOK (build Jul 23 2021, v1.0.2372.0)
    //     (C) Alexander Blade 2015-2021
    [11:26:04] INIT: Started
    [11:26:04] INIT: Success, game version is VER_1_0_2372_0_STEAM

    The log above shows a success, but this is something new I tried today which didn't work. Even though the log looks good, the result was a code 16.

    With respect to maps, the cause and effect, at its surface is very simple.

    April 3, 2023. All maps including Liberty City have collisions using 2372.
    April 4, 2023. Only Liberty City is tested, with 2372, and sadly this time no collisions.

    I actually restored every single file from a backup. In passing, my game is exactly the same setup since I reverted back to 2372. All that changed are my addons. The game itself I've always kept updated. However i never update update.rpf and I don't use new DLC. Effectively my game was fully updated except for 2 files: versions 2372 of GTA5.exe and SH5. I never updated SH5, no need to.

    Over the last 2 years I've been able to troubleshoot hundreds of issues, for myself and here, with using simple common sense and a very strong knowledge of the Windows OS. The current situation is a black box. All systematic approaches have failed. I even tried stupid solutions such as disabling the internet, knowing full well it didn't make sense.

  • @JohnFromGWN only map collisions not working after the update? did the hash that loads ybns/ytyp etc changed?

  • @rbsace no idea at this point. just hatred directed at R*. lol

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah dawg hatred toward R* is understandable and I'm sure many feel the same. Me I don't hate R* because I never liked them lol. I don't like any big company. I never had positive expectations of them to uphold or provide. Failed positive expectations hurt. If anything I expected R* and any company to screw us over so it's no surprise. Dealing with an enemy you only expect bad.

  • Bumping this so hopefully it will provide some clarification and keep some poor souls from further screwing up their games.

    Fact: The Code 16 error is associated with an incomplete installation. You can read the official explanation here.

    Interpretation: In the past, reverting GTA5.exe after an update was overlooked by the game and social club launchers. This was 100% true for Steam and, from my understanding, also true for EPGS, but not for R* or Retail. I can only vouch for Steam. But as of April 4, 2023, Rockstar will no longer allow you to revert or downgrade. You will get a code 16.

    Fact: You can upgrade your game and then continue to play with mods. I"ve done it, many people have reported this. The April 4th event doesn't stop you from modding. It only stops you from playing many custom maps and MLOs by breaking collisions (you fall thru the map).

    Note: some people claim to have reverted using (temporary) offline tricks, I myself was able to revert using a timing exploit, but reverting will NOT fix the collision issues which are the reason we reverted in the first place.

    Bullshit: You can play indefinitely offline. You can't. The game is designed to force you to have an account and login. It will update both the launcher and the game itself without warning. Nobody since 2015 has found a viable solution to bypass the launcher. Not without cracks. There was a non-Steam mod at one time, it's dead, and like cracks and other bullshit it caused game crashes for many users (see the comments on that mod's page). This time it's the Social Club launcher.

    More Bullshit: You can install an old launcher, then go offline. Nope. It may work temporarily but sooner or later it will force you back online. At that time it will update itself. Old launchers offline will generate a code 1 error, or you will see installation is cancelled, or a newer version is already installed. You can't defeat this permanently.

    Risky Shit: You can use a crack to bypass the launcher. Probably, but you risk a malware infection and cracks generally break functionality. You have to remember that cracked games are not designed by professional programmers. They are cracked and repacked by teenagers who possibly have never taken a course in Computer Science so instead use tools known as kiddie scripts. Some of these kids also make bad (but undetectable) malware. Not the ransomware done by professionals. Quant used simple commands from the DOS era that didn't require any degree of sophistication but went undetected. AVs are geared for corporate level malware, not for some lines of codes written in a kid's garage.

    Clean or not: Games crash, modded games crash, cracked games crash or loose functionality. The worst case scenario? A modded cracked game.

    Unproven but likely Fact: Rockstar, Steam, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Epic, etc spend millions of dollars on DRM and Activation (client -server) technologies. While we can hate them and call them morons, they do outsource to companies with expertise and can easily figure out that their technology won't be disabled by a firewall or pulling out the ethernet cable.

    Wishful thinking but beyond stupid. Way beyond stupid. You can't bypass the launcher legally, permanently, or without breaking something. Suck it up.

  • According to some users, this is a secret and advanced technique to make Rockstar their bitch. Activation? Gone! DRM? Gone! Social Club Launcher? Gone! Don't try this unless you're electrically grounded as this is a high voltage connection that could kill you instantly.

    alt text

  • Just a hopefully final update, on the Code 16 Social club error which started on April 4th, 2023. It only affected games that had been downgraded (reverted to a previous version of GTA5). The reason I'm posting this here, is for anyone still searching for a solution. Googling "Code 16" in a GTA 5 context will be easier to find than "Issuer Check Bypass". In other words, we now have an excellent solution but it may not easily come up in a search given the name used to describe it.

    There was incredible misinformation posted here, elsewhere in other forums, and on Youtube videos. Mostly regarding temporary or illusionary solutions involving installing old launchers (RGL), old social club installers (RGSC), blocking internet access through a firewall, or disconnecting completely from the net. None of these will work permanently, if at all.

    We knew at the start, from Rockstar official pages, that the Code 16 was caused by RGSC due to what they termed an "incomplete installation". From my own hours trying for a workaround, I can vouch that fixing this issue could be done, at least on Steam, by updating one file, and only one file was necessary, and that was GTA5.exe. At the time I mistakenly assumed, and posted that Rockstar had done this intentionally, not to stop modding, but to ensure all GTA5 games were kept updated. I was only partially right. Ironically Rockstar had made this verification easier, not harder, as posted by @alloc8or. Unfortunately easier may have been well intentioned for vanilla games, but it broke all reverted games, no longer loading unless updated.

    The Solution for Reverted Games

    1. The best and easiest solution is to install the Issuer Check Bypass Against SocialClub mod. Not the most appropriately descriptive name - it doesn't mention Code 16 - but it does exactly what's stated and does it perfectly (in 99% of cases based on comments). The hero who found the solution and created the mod is @kagikn. Shout out, many thanks!

    2. Update your game. I initially did this before installing the bypass mod above. In my case the only issue I had was with map collisions, but unfortunately there were dozens of maps to fix. I fixed all the major ones, started to fix many minor ones, and then realized it just wasn't worth it. By this time the bypass mod had proven itself to be the best solution. One good thing is that the maps I fixed will work reverted or updated. How to Update Easily.

    The Solution for non Reverted
    This particular code 16 error is associated with reverted versions of GTA5.exe and nothing else. If your vanilla game or updated modded games throw a Code 16 at you it is unlikely the bypass mod will work for you. Something else is at play. In those cases, and honestly I've only seen one case since modding GTA5, you should try the remedies offered here:

    Social Club Error Code 16

    Note: The bypass mod above is an excellent solution. So don't waste your time with trying to block or downgrade the RGL (which isn't the culprit) or the RGSC (which is to blame). Worst of all, don't install cracked versions of either file - you might get much more than you bargained for in the form of malware. It's not always a false positive.

    If anyone is wondering what I meant by "dozens of maps to fix". This is a screenshot of my GTA5 mod launcher with the maps and MLOs which I presently have installed. All of which likely had collision issues.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Code 16 Error RGSC & Proven Solution. UPDATE:

    ionally, not to stop moddi

    you said for reverted games you go on and update... doesnt that mean its no longer a reverted version?
    this is where i am having my issue... because when i finally get through all the bullshit and the game loads... i CTD. my guess is this is because i do run a bunch of scripts which use scripthookV and scripthookVdotnet... and well those jerks havent updated their shit in years.
    I love these scripts though i cant just simply chuck them and play the game without noticing their absence causing me to lose desire to play the game all together.
    on the other hand the script creators are mainly also moved on to other things for good and the scripts are not updated... pretty much my version is reverted back to 1830 or so.

  • @dodgeboy121
    I described two scenarios.

    1. If your game is updated, it will fix the Code 16. For example, you're on 2372 and your game aborts with a Code 16, then updating it will fix the error and allow you to play. That's for people who don't care about staying reverted.

    2. If your game is reverted and you want to stay reverted, your only viable option is the new bypass mod.

    Your CTD has nothing to do with a Code 16 because your game was able to load. A Code 16 will not even allow the game to start.

  • Some good news. Rockstar Social Club updated itself on Steam today without any Code 16 or other errors. The launcher also updated itself although it was never the problem.

    In summary, the bypass mod, as optimistically expected works perfectly with reverted 2372 after this update.

  • @JohnFromGWN We could say then it's a permanent fix then? we cool for good?

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