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Spawn Vehicles with Upgrades and Tune Parts

  • Hello community, i have a question, it is as the title says Spawn Vehicles with Upgrades and Tune Parts i know people have been asked about this before but kindly if someone knows how to do that I appreciate it.

    Note: i know about popgroups and vehiclemodelsets.meta no i do not mean those cause those ones are only for ambient spawning i want a mod a script or a meta editing file something in the game in the files so that when i spawn a gmc model that has 1,200 poly and vertices of a size of 29 MB .yft the game freezes but since the car has interior and some exterior as a tune part upgrade so that it has a size of 12 MB not 29 it wont be an issue but i have to manually upgrade a vehicle through trainer or LSC which i do not want.

    I want some thing so that when i spawn my GMC it already equipped with tuning parts and for the ambient street AI GMC’s also do that.

    I would appreciate your help.

  • @DanaTheBigBoss
    For the AI/Ambient spawned model/s, unless a script is created to do it, or the upgrades are created as extras (see method using extras here), 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' (for the vehicle/upgrades) & creating predefined scenarios (for the spawn location/behaviour/spawn chance etc) are the only way to get ambient vehicles to spawn modded/upgraded.

    For your own spawned vehicle, most trainers can save upgrades so that they appear by default when the vehicle is spawned by you.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thanks for replying, well i can make the upgrades as extras i have Zmodeler3 but like i said the model is 29 MB if i make the upgrades as extras, but if it is a tune part then the file size yft will become 12 MB that the game can handle with no issue but here is the problem, i want to spawn the vehicle already equipped with the tunes and ambient ai spawning as well equipped with tunes, the issue with the vehiclemodelsets.meta is that i think it will not control all of the spawning like parking and ai driving or scenarios or most important one is the missions for example i have replaced dubsta with gmc now in the crystal maze mission the dubsta.yft will show and there there how can i make that equipped already with tunes.

    I think the best way would be a script but i do not know if there is scripts mods crated for that thing, any way thank you again.

  • @DanaTheBigBoss
    Yeah, a script is your best option :thumbsup:. Ambient ai spawning & parked (or something indistinguishable from them) would be possible using 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' & so would scenarios, just not missions.
    I'd say you are unlikely to find a pre_made one, especially for a specific vehicle, more likely you'll have to find someone to make one specific to your needs.

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