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[Script] Vehicle Thief

  • I had an idea for a mod, but not sure if it possible to make it , that depend on the modders.
    The mod is that you can be victim of car robbery ( randomly)
    He take you out of the car and runaway, till you stop him .
    if you are driving a nice car or motorcycle you have por posibilities to being robbed also the area must give more or less posibilities.
    the thieves can have weapons and can kill you too when you follow them or fight them .
    what you thinks guys ?
    even i though about they can up to the car from the passanger seat and or drop you out or take as hostage, if you try to fight or runaway they kill you , or you can drive, an try to have an accident to take them out from the windshield .
    i dont know if all this is possible guys. but if you like the idea , this could be a funny mod . have a nice day .

  • i forgot it , also they can stole your car while you are shopping or things like that

  • no replies? no opinion? nothing? too bad is this idea? XDDD

  • @Craziian Sounds cool. Up-voted.

  • @ICV thanks mate ;)

  • @Craziian Mkeezay30 has that in his GTA Realism mod. At red lights and stuff, you can get car-jacked.

  • @Think_Tank thanks bro , ive just checked right now, and yeah seems that have this script, but the problem is that i dont need a lot of stuff that brings that mod, i like the mod ofcourse but is not what im looking for, im trying to keep the gta all clean that i can , using simple and little mods, like more cars in traffic , SPA, some clothing , and thats all , i dont have intention to change graphics(because my pc is not a spaceship i wont deny ) XDDD and im not interested in tow service or more cops or thinks like that.
    i really apreciate your info , but is not exactly what im looking for, anyway thank u for reply .
    its more if i knew how to make this mod or which archive or line i need to increase the car jackers ill do it myself, but for this i dont have any clue for how to do it. lets hope that someone who know can help us ;)

  • @Craziian I know. He plans to make it all modular in the end, so then it might become separate.

  • @Think_Tank that could be awesome, sure i give it a shot if they do that :D

  • @Craziian By the way, his game runs better in 4k than vanilla at 1080p. He'll release that too.

  • @Think_Tank lol XDD im not sure if will work to my at the moment im lucky to run it at 40 -50 fps, with almost all graphics in off or low , and 1360 or 1440 of resolution XDDD
    next month il buy a new graphic card , at less ill try XDDDD

  • @Craziian With his method, you can get better performance out of the same settings.

  • @Think_Tank ill try then , hope everything works fine XD i have other mods installed XDD

  • @Craziian I told him he should apply it to GTA Resized, then it would make the mod 10 times more effective (slight exaggeration.)

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