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How can I create the necessary files for the FiveM "RPF" mods? What are "assembly.xml" and "id"?

  • (First of all, I apologize if I may have misused the language.)

    I am trying to mod the ".meta", ".ymt" files inside the "RPF" files by myself. This job got boring after a while and now I want to do everything myself, but I am having some difficulties.

    The "id" part of the "assembly.xml" text that I'm curious about is this
    How and on what basis is the "id" selected?
    If I want to install assembly.xml into my own "rpf" archive, how can I do that?

    "assembly.xml" :
    alt text

    "id" :
    alt text

    If this file is a program or method operation, what is its name?

    Thank you.

  • @BerkXk
    Hmm. FiveM uses resources not dlc.rpf packages, with a few exceptions but it's rare.

    Assembly.xml is the instruction file for an OIV installer. FiveM and SP are not the same.

    If you're trying to convert, well you did the unzip part, now you need to stream. Use OpenIV to export rpf contents like ymt.

    What are you trying to do? You're mixing up so many things here.

    The least of your worries is the xml id.

    And no, assembly.xml isn't a program. These files don't execute code, they provide instructions to the installer.

    What is the connection here with meta files?.. Google how to convert sp to FiveM or vice versa.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Weapon skins, .meta files, pad skills, etc. So I'm cheating a bit. I need to install some of these files, for example the "weapons.meta" ai file, but it's getting me banned. "RPF" sends files to ai or anywhere I want, preventing me from getting banned. Not only does it cheat, it also makes a lot of things easier, accessories, weapon skins etc.

    How can I make the file called "assembly.xml" that I am wondering?

  • @BerkXk
    You'll have better luck on cheater forums.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    No, I didn't mean it like that :D It is generally used for this kind of work, so I gave examples like that.

  • @BerkXk

    This is my last comment. An assembly.xml file, the only one I know, is not designed for cheating. All it does, and again I"ll repeat, all this file does is tell an OIV installer what to do. What to install from the contents folder, what to replace, what to add, what to delete, so that the OIV installer can automate an installation.

    An OIV installer, by itself, does nothing more than automate what is usually a manual process of installation.

    If you're getting banned, you're cheating, and this is not the place to discuss cheating even if you consider it to be ok.

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