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Yes you can revert?

  • Yes you can revert and yes you can temporarily play offline and stuff like that.
    But who cares? That's not the issue. It's not the Social Club garbage.

    You can't revert or downgrade your game permanently. That ship has sailed.

    This is what R* did on April 4th. Video is with version 2372.

    Watch and you'll understand why I hate R*.

    Just for the record, I spent hours and hours customizing this map. Fixing sounds, fixing the ocean waves, changing the billboards, fixing the Statue of Liberty (coffee cup removal), the T-Rex was missing its head. Hours lost because these bastards don't want us to play LC. And I paid for GTA IV in passing.

  • @JohnFromGWN Sux dawg.

    I tried that LC mod once. Dope as a superhero script backdrop!! Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc.

    Also potentially awesome for Christmas if there were Christmas mods for it.

    When i tried it I had npc traffic (ie vehicles and peds) but no police!?? I need conflict in my game. Only way I could do that was using a rival gang spawn mod.

    Wonder if the dev team will finish it especially considering recent events?

    PS. Maybe try fixing you LC collisions once. If it survives the next few updates then you might be all good to proceed with other maps.

  • I think it's better keep the game up to date for the simplest reason you cannot expect what R* next move, I wish I could revert and play the game in peace, but I'm damn sure R* will find a way to force you update the game once more they are good at it mfers.

  • @scorpex we no longer have a choice, Rockstar has removed the option of reverting.

  • @JohnFromGWN From what I understand from one of your posts, all I need to do is use an older rockstar game launcher? I did find one of the builds.

    I got in contact with someone else on how to fix it. But it basically amounted to deleting everything not vanilla, deleting both the social club and launcher, and putting the mods back in. I really don't want to do that, but if I have to as a last resort, so be it.

  • @9BallAC said in Yes you can revert:

    all I need to do is use an older rockstar game launcher?

    No, it will eventually update itself.

    You can eliminate code 16 simply by updating.
    You can revert by tricking the launcher.
    You can revert temporarily by blocking techniques and old installers.

    Regardless of what you do, regardless of what you see here or on YouTube, regardless of what your best friend says you can't play certain maps or load certain MLOS without falling through the map.

    The fact is, based on testing and what others have reported, that wasn't just a launcher checking for updates, or what they call a complete installation. Rockstar also broke the modded game as well. Like with The Contract, but without fanfare.

    Reverters are a voiceless minority so the larger gaming community doesn't even know or care.

    Just to be clear, I can only speak for version 2372. No idea if other versions are affected but anything from Contract and older will likely have the issues.

    Going forward, we will all be at the mercy of Rockstar.

    One more comment, I tested the offline version of OpenIV and it isn't the same version as the online installer. Some functionality is broken but will not be noticed by most users.

  • @JohnFromGWN Right now, my game is updated to 2845, but it won't load into the game, just crashes to desktop.

    I don't use any modded maps just peds and cars. I removed simple trainer, menyoo, but it still crashes. Updated scripthookv too. From what I understand F7YO's gameconfig no longer works correct?

    So a temp fix would be to use the reverted build plus the older launcher until everything gets updated? I know you said it will eventually update itself. Should I play offline like you said?

  • @9BallAC said in Yes you can revert:

    From what I understand F7YO's gameconfig no longer works correct?

    I don't see why? There's no reason your game shouldn't work updated. Did this happen with the April 4 changes?

    So a temp fix would be to use the reverted build plus the older launcher until everything gets updated? I know you said it will eventually update itself. Should I play offline like you said?

    No, no, no. Your game should run modded without issues other than the custom maps. The April 4 only broke reverted games.

    What's a reverted game. From my experience it's only GTA5.exe, but you have to rule out any other vanilla files that are modified .

    First check to see if your game runs without any mods. Do this by renaming dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak.
    If the game runs without crashing you will be fine for mods. If the vanilla game, doesn't run, do a verify integrity

    Use F7YO's gameconfig but start with base traffic. Everything else should be fine, particularly Trainers - they don't crash games.

    The other thing you have to consider is the last changes/the last install you made - that's often what crashes the game.

    Once more, all the whining and bitching and hatred directed at R* is for breaking reverted modded games. Updated modded games do not require any changes unless the vanilla files are modded.

    Offline mode is not the solution. Old installers are not part of the solution either.
    Just pretend your modding for the very first time. There will be hiccups but eventually you'll find the proper configuration.
    Make sure also if you haven't updated in a long time you have the current packfile limit adjuster which was updated (awhile back that is).

  • @JohnFromGWN Then I think my game is royally broken somewhere. Here is what I did since everything went down:

    I got error code 16
    I change all my exes to the current version
    Game crashes
    Update scripthookv to be sure
    Game crashes
    Remove menyoo and trainerV
    Game crashes

    I only asked about the gameconfig cause its the one thing I haven't touched since my game broke. Its still at whatever I used before. I could just redownload it, because at this point I lost track at whats current and not. Plus I saw a bunch of comments asking for the config to be updated.

    So yeah I don't know what exactly it doesn't like.

  • @9BallAC does your game run without mods?
    If it does, start with dinput8.dll, SH5, and Menyoo or Simple Trainer.
    Nothing else, and I mean nothing.
    Disable your mods folder and your scripts folder (just rename or move).

    You will solve your problem very fast like this.

    A gameconfig.xml is NOT required. It's optional. So cross that bridge after you eliminated all the basics.

    Yes, I know someone will call me out on the gameconfig.xml - and the heap, and the pack....but go step by step.
    Same goes for OpenIV.asi and all your asi. move them out. Don't just rename them, move them out.
    The reason I"m saying move (unless you change the extension) is to avoid dinput8.dll loading them..successfully or unsuccessfully, cuz that's what it does.

  • @JohnFromGWN I haven't had a chance to try it yet. But do you understamd what this comment from the gameconfig mod page is trying to say:

    GUYS! I just found way to fix it,, heres what i found .. first i totally erased all of my files in Rockstar games folder in Doucments
    i launched the game and
    i set to load to story mode then quit. i put my dinput8.dll after i rename it with bak and i opened up openiv and add one car into dlclist, and also add with this gameconfig 4.5x traffic and this worked after all and stable .

    U NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST SCRIPTHOOK, ( if u already have the latest one, RENAME THE DINPU8.DLL to DINPUT8.DLL.BAK then, put the downloaded latest scripthook into the game folder and also those adjusters too dont forget them.

    Its basically what you have been saying, but with the extra step of deleting files from the rockstar folders in the documents.

  • @9BallAC

    That's the bullshit fix, similar to the windows system 32 fix.
    The guy is a griefer or just a simpleton.

    Here's why his advice seems miraculous.
    Your game crashes, you delete everything thing he tells you to, and finally you rename dinput8.dll.

    Launch your game and it's almost 100% guaranteed to run.

    Why does this work? Only because u renamed dinput8.dll. the other steps are just to grief you.

    Once renamed, no mods, no scripts, nothing will work. You are now launching a vanilla, unmodded game.

    You'll have better luck with my suggestions.

    P.S. that in no way was what i was saying.
    You rename dinput8.dll as a quick way to test if your game runs without mods.
    You rename it back, if the game runs unmodded, but this time you disable folders as i wrote above.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT Follow this advice, no matter who puts it in the comments section.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Ok I checked my game out by renameing dinput. It worked unmodded. So now what should be my next step?

  • @9BallAC said in Yes you can revert:

    @JohnFromGWN Ok I checked my game out by renameing dinput. It worked unmodded. So now what should be my next step?

    That's good.
    Rename it back to its original dinput8.dll.
    Go back to the post I wrote before.
    Rename your mods folder.
    Rename your scripts folder.

    Remove all asi except one Trainer.

    Start your game.

    You eliminate things that could be broken. In your case, likely something in the Mods folder....or too many things etc.

  • Ok if you don't mind I'd like to keep my progress with you. Just so someone else is also keep up with me.

    I did what you said.

    Renamed mod and scripts.
    Removed all asi files
    Put back TrainerV

    Loaded into the game. TrainerV worked. And as expected no other mods could activate, i.e addonpeds.

    So now can I slowly start to add stuff back?

  • @JohnFromGWN Alright so far so good. I've add back the following:


    Still haven't reactivated the mods or scripts folder. Which should be done first?

  • @JohnFromGWN Its got to be the mods folder. I just put it back and my game crashed. It can't be any of the peds or cars now can it? It has to be the gameconfig.

    If I delete my gameconfig and verify integrity, it should give me the stock file correct?

  • @9BallAC
    No, that's not how it works.
    There is a gameconfig.xml in the vanilla folder which is essentially useless when you mod (unless you replaced the vanilla version).

    A verify integrity doesn't fix any mod files, only original vanilla game files. At this point you have the option of trying different gameconfig.xml mods, again use base traffic to start. The other option is to temporarily remove addons until you find an issue, because it's not necessarily the quantity of mods, you may have one or more problematic ones.

    You can temporarily:

    1. move the addon folders containing your DLC or just rename them
    2. remove the addon folder entries (or comment them out) of dlclist.xml.

    There are other possible issues - for example if you did a bad replace installation or you edited/changed/deleted files (meta, xml) incorrectly.

    Bad texture replacement etc. Just think of what changes you made and eliminate them one by one if necessary.

  • @JohnFromGWN I just remembered something regarding the gameconfig. You are right about it being useless to verify. But what I mean to say is that what if I put the vanilla gameconfig into the mods folder? I just remembered that whatever is in the mods folder overwrites the vanilla files. And you said its not necessary to use a gameconfig. So I just revert back to the vanilla.

    I believe it has to be the gameconfig. Its the only thing not updated for 2845. I tried dilapated's config too.

    I might have an idea on the mod that is causing it. I know you said its not necessarily the quantity of mods, but in the past my game has crashed because of too many addonpeds.

  • @9BallAC said in Yes you can revert:

    And you said its not necessary to use a gameconfig.

    What I meant is that the gameconfig.xml is not required to play with mods. But I only wrote that because you said you felt your issue was with gameconfig.xml.

    Let's clarify. Now that you've confirmed you can launch, a trainer, you can now start adding back mods.

    Unfortunately addons such as peds, vehicles, maps, and MLOs take up memory, so once you install a certain quantity your game will crash or hang.

    To minimize issues you absolutely need an updated gameconfig.xml, heap, and packfile limit adjusters.

    However a gameconfig.xml is not a magic bullet. What works for me won't necessarily work for you.

    Install a gameconfig.xml mod and then add back your addons, in small batches, until your game runs,

    It only takes 1 mod to bring down a system if the mod sucks up resources, conflicts, or is just problematic.

  • @9BallAC

    Start with this one


    Base traffic.

    The comments from ppl who say it doesn't work or it needs to be updated are bullshit. These are just ppl who don't know how to configure their systems,

  • @JohnFromGWN Well I deleted all my addon cars and it still crashes. The only thing left is the addon peds.

  • @JohnFromGWN Now I removed addonpeds and it still crashes. So yeah I have no clue what went wrong here.

    What do you suggest now? Should I just make a whole new fresh mods folder and start over? Cause now I'm out of ideas.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ok what I did was, delete my old mods folder. I recopied the update.rpf and update folder again. Readded addonpeds, wrote it in dlclist, and put the gameconfig back.

    Boom I'm in. TrainerV loads too.

    Now one thing I am concerned on is addonpeds not working. At least the menu works. I can get it to pop up. Only thing is the game doesn't recognize any of the peds. They are on the list, but picking any of them results in a can't be found.

    I checked and they are still there in dlc.rpf. I clicked rebuild in addonpeds editor.

    My thinking is the way the mods folder is pathed. I remember having this issue before. Do you know how its supposed to be pathed again?

    Currently its : mods/x64/dlcpacks/addonpeds/dlc.rpf/peds.rpf

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