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Where the Fckk are these textures?...

  • So I've been working on this model but I got fully stuck searching all over the files and try changing color these flgs (https://imgur.com/a/g4GuHJo) or whatever , I've changed all ytds including I've edited the ydr model and changed the embedded textures but for some reason at the moment I export them and place them in there path I open the file to check but it remains blue I've edited them to yellow in the ydr file but it doesn't change what could it be? It's stressing me out

  • The rooftop/lattice frame part uses the texture rsn_dc_roof_001b
    located in: x64m.rpf\levels\gta5_cityw\santamon_01\sm_22.rpf - sm_22.ytd & sm_22+hi.ytd

    And the railing/tarp part uses SM1_22_RSN_DC_Pearl_Cutouts_0001SM1_22_RSN_DC_Pearl_Cutouts_0001_A
    located in: x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\gtxd.rpf - sm1struc22.ytd & sm1struc22+hi.ytd
    (and also sm_22_rail_fizzy_LOD for the _med lod, which is in sm_22.ytd)

    Have you converted those ones over to yellow?

  • @frdfare I was missing out on the last rpf, I replaced them with my textures but sadly it remained the same, anyways tysm bro 💪🏻

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